How to Change App Icons on iOS Home Screen

The drift of customizing your home plate screen has become ever more democratic in io, and some users are choosing to add custom app icons to their home screen using the Shortcuts app in io 14 and later .
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Custom dwelling screen posted by @ BenZhu8. Custom mottle icons from icons8 Replacing default app icons with images of your choose allows you to freely customize the search of your home screen. Before you follow this template, you will need to find or make an effigy for your new home screen app icon, and there are batch of alternate looks available for download on-line.

The follow steps explain how you can add a custom picture, for any app of your choose, to the Home screen. The march efficaciously involves creating a shortcut to open an app, and then adding an prototype to that Shortcut on the Home screen.

Widgets and App Icon Tutorial Video

We ‘ve besides made a video that walks through the subject of widgets, home screens, equally well as custom app icons .

If you want to skip to the section where we go step-by-step on how to customize your App Icon, it’s


  • Tapping Custom App Icons launch Shortcuts first, and then the App
  • No Notification badges

If you want to skip to the section where we go bit-by-bit on how to customize your App Icon, it ‘s at timestamp 3:58. But before embarking on this plan, you should understand there are two major limitations in this technique. If you feel that being kicked to and from the Shortcuts app whenever you open an app with a custom picture is a nuisance, it may be best to entirely create Shortcuts for apps you use infrequently, or not at all.

Shortcuts can be a complex app to use, as it allows users to create multi-step processes to run on their device, but in this case, the Shortcut lone involves one basic component.

  1. Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the + icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Add Action.
  4. home screen icons how to 1

  5. Use the text field to search for Open App.
  6. Select Open App.
  7. Tap Choose.
  8. home screen icons how to 2

  9. Use the search for the app you want to change the icon of, and select it.
  10. Tap the three dots in the top-right corner.
  11. Tap Add to Home Screen.
  12. home screen icons how to 3

  13. Tap the placeholder app icon.
  14. From the drop-down menu, select Take Photo, Choose Photo, or Choose File, depending on where your replacement app icon image is located.
  15. Select your replacement image.
  16. In the text field, rename the app as you want it to appear on the home screen.
  17. Tap Add.
  18. home screen icons how to 4

  19. Tap Done. Your Shortcut has now been created.
  20. Return to the home screen.

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If you already had the app on your home screen, you will now have two icons. In order to keep lone your newly-created picture, simply move the old picture to the App Library. You must not delete the original app .
Since this procedure can be quite time-consuming, specially when it includes finding or making custom icons, you will probably not want to do it for every app .

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