Can I Change My Etsy Shop Name? (Step-By-Step Guide)


many people choose a random identify when starting a newfangled shop on Etsy in an try to try out the e-commerce marketplace .
Some post their handmade items to check out their market price without paying particular attention to their shop class ’ randomness name.

however, when these users expand their businesses, they struggle to change the shop class name and assume that Etsy won ’ metric ton allow them to change their appoint .
We will be discussing the steps on how to change your Etsy denounce mention with some insights on how to finalize the best possible identify .

Can I Change My Etsy Shop Name?

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Yes, you can change your Etsy workshop identify without any emergence .
Whether you want to make a little change in your existing shop name or wholly change it, Etsy does allow you to do that .
once you select and change the name, Etsy ’ s customer digest will have a look at it and approve it once it meets their guidelines .
Your shop name must be unique if you are starting e-commerce .
however, if you are an build brand will to take your mark identify on Etsy, you need to provide all the legal documents .

How To Change Your Etsy Shop Name? Step-By-Step

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Changing Etsy ’ s shop name can be an easily job that you can do from your workshop coach .
Before you get started with the steps, it is necessity to finalize what you would like to name your shop .
Take a look at the steps you need to take to change your Etsy shop name .

Step #1: Sign In To Your Account

To begin the process, log in to your account .
Make certain you are logged in to your seller score and not the exploiter bill .
Proceed to your shop class ’ south login page by directly accessing Etsy ’ s web site and clicking the login button located at the top of the menu .
following, fill in your login e-mail and password associated with the shop .

Step #2: Access The Shop Manager

once you have logged in to your Etsy history, access your workshop director .
You can access the shop coach from the circus tent of your Etsy store ’ mho main page menu .
The patronize director allows you to access the backend of your shop .
You can manage and make all the changes to your workshop from here .

Step #3: Go To Your Shop Settings

From the patronize director, proceed to your patronize settings .
You can access the shop settings from the menu located at the bequeath of your shop director .

Step #4: Access Info & Settings

once you click the Settings option, a drop-down will appear containing all the necessary options to change your shop settings .
From the inner menu, tap the Info & Appearance choice .

Step #5: Click Change

ampere soon as you tap the Info & Appearance option, a newfangled page will open with all the details about the battlefront end of your shop class .
Click the Change option confront beside the shop name at the top of the menu .
This will open a new inner page with an option to enter the patronize name .

Step #6: Fill In Your Shop Name

Enter your shop list in the menu and click the Save option .
Before tapping the keep open option, double-check the title since the shop mention will directly proceed to the review choice .
That ’ s it !
This is how you can change your Etsy shop class name !

How Many Times Can I Change My Etsy Shop Name?

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You can change your Etsy shop name five times after your storehouse goes live .
Before this, Etsy allows you to spend as much time as possible to finalize the best mention for your store .
Etsy won ’ thyroxine permit you to change your name anymore once you utilize this choice five times .
If you require to change your shop name for the sixth time, you will have to contact customer support .

How To Name Your Etsy Shop? (8 Tips That Work)

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Finalizing your shop class mention is one of the most important steps for the success of your commercial enterprise .
If you want to build a sustainable and profitable stigmatize, you should pay special attention to your shop mention .
evening if you don ’ t have long-run plans, the shop name plays an significant part .
It helps in grabbing buyers ’ attention, builds faith, and generates recurring sales .
Let ’ s look at some of the steps you can take to generate a timbre name for your Etsy memory .

1. Brainstorm Ideas

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Brainstorming is one of the significant steps to generate initial ideas for your store .
Brainstorming will give you a roadmap for creating and finalizing your storehouse name .
Pay particular attention and dedicate well meter to this step as it can make a huge remainder down the road .
You can utilize different tools and on-line platforms to generate some ideas for brainstorming .
Some applications like Dot-o-Mator and Biz Name Wiz are excellent sources for brainstorming new ideas .
You just need to fill out some details about your business, like your industry, products, or services .
This will help the creature identify the likely ideas about names for your clientele .
You can besides post on different community forums or post contests on assorted freelance platforms with a minimal gain price .
This will bring newer ideas coming from other-minded people .
Your ultimate goal for this step should be to generate as many ideas as possible .
More brainstorm will result in an excellent final name creation .

2. Identify Your Store’s Mission & Vision Statement

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The next step is to identify your business ’ second mission and vision statement .
You should brainstorm the ideal aim of your business and touch it down on newspaper .
Take a count at the attributes of a quality mission and vision statement .

  1. It must be a problem-solving statement.
  2. The statement should be a roadmap of at least five years. (If you intend to sell, the mission statement should represent the goal of the business that serves people until it is ready to sell.)
  3. Your vision should not be more than five to six words and your mission should not be more than two to three sentences.

once you have written your mission and vision statements, you must ensure your brand name represents both statements .
For this aim, choose words that powerfully represent your business and relate them with the brainstormed ideas .

3. Niche Down

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The following footstep is to niche your brainstormed ideas to a specific diligence or writing style .
This will help you create and finalize a name representing products belonging to a especial recess .
The niche-specific identify besides helps your customers recognize you as a mark whenever they think of purchasing something particular to that particular diligence .
This results in more sales and, finally, more business on Etsy .
once you have taken the first two steps, you can niche down your name by combining some of the brainstormed ideas with short forms of the industry where your product belongs .
however, your mention should still make feel, and it must not become something wholly irrelevant .

4. Get Ideas From Existing Etsy Stores

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Getting ideas from some existing Etsy stores is a great way to find more potential names.

Take a expression at some of the stores that belong to your diligence and read their stores ’ about sections .
This will help you recognize different words people use on Etsy to boost their sales .
While checking out the list of existing Etsy stores, besides make sure to check out the reviews and average sales of these stores .
Shop names by and large have a hearty impact on the operation and sales of an Etsy memory .
You should pay particular attention to shop names that have good sales and customer reviews .
You can prepare a plane by mentioning the shop names and performance .
This will give you a harsh theme of the importance of storehouse names for more commercial enterprise .
You should besides have a close look at some of the brand stores on Etsy .
once you analyze the brand names, you will realize the importance of choosing something alone and attention-getting .

5. Make It Unique

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As per Etsy ’ s store appointment policy, duplicate store names are strongly prohibited on Etsy, and the platform won ’ t allow any diagnose that another store is already using .
This makes it necessary for the modern memory owner to choose singular characters that are not already used .
To make the name alone, you can tweak words and play with them to create something stimulate and interest .
however, you will however have to make indisputable any early seller is not using the same appoint on Etsy .
Take the follow steps to confirm its usage on Etsy .

  1. Log in to your buyer account.
  2. Search the name by typing it in the search bar.
  3. Set the filters to Shops.
  4. Press the search button and analyze the results.

If any shops use the lapp mention that you chose, you should not proceed with that diagnose .
however, if there are no exchangeable workshop names on Etsy, you can proceed to the next steps .

6. Make It Easy To Remember

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Optimizing the name to something easy to remember is another significant step you need to take before finalizing the shop mention .
Shop names should be comfortable to remember and must have a straightforward entail .
This helps people in retaining the name quickly and you get recurring customers .
This is besides helpful in the give voice of mouthpiece marketing since most people will be referring to your products with your denounce name rather of Etsy .
To make the patronize name easy to remember, take the watch steps .

  1. Choose a short word.
  2. If it is a combination of two or more words, make sure each word contains fewer characters.
  3. There must be a story behind your chosen name or a straightforward meaning.
  4. It must be easy to spell and pronounce.

once you have finalized the name, check out the entail of the appoint in the english terminology and early languages that are spoken in the universe .
If your choose name means something common in different languages, you should avoid that name .

7. Check The Domain Name

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Checking the domain list is not necessary when finalizing your Etsy workshop appoint .
however, it is something we recommend you should do .
The domain name can be beneficial for your business if you plan to build a sustainable post that relies not merely on e-commerce marketplaces .
You will besides be able to generate dealings from multiple digital platforms with the aid of your web site .
Etsy should be in your focus for utmost sales .
The domain extension you should choose is .com since it develops faith among customers .
Search engines besides trust it, and you can generate traffic from all over the global .
You can search for sphere name handiness by accessing celebrated domain registrars like Name Cheap, Go Daddy, Google Domains, etc .
If the domain name for your brand name is not available with the .com annex, you should avoid it since you will have to work hard to beat the already existing world .
They might besides file a trademark case if they already operate as a stigmatize with that name and domain .

8. Finalize The Name

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once you have taken all the steps, the last step will not require any other hustle since most things will be already in place .
If you have taken all the steps in the right direction, you will have a tilt of multiple brand names in your bridge player .
To finalize the password, you should take public opinions on the name by posting in respective community forums of that specific diligence .
You can besides post on different Facebook groups .
however, it is besides crucial to remember that not all suggestions on community forums and groups are worth implement .
You should ignore most of them and entirely pay attention to those that provide a coherent explanation for criticism of your brand name .

What Are The Etsy Guidelines Store Names?

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Etsy is straightforward about the trade name list and does not approve any name that goes against its guidelines .
Take a look at some of the factors you should consider before sending your name for review .

1. It Must Be Fewer Than 20 Characters

One of the major guidelines you need to follow is the spell of your shop mention .
Your patronize diagnose should not contain more than twenty characters as per Etsy ’ mho guidelines .
If there is even a individual more character, Etsy won ’ t approve your brand name .
If you are an existing brand that wants to have a commercial enterprise mention with more than 20 characters, you should try writing the claim in a light imprint .
Another great way to adjust spaces is to avoid spaces between words .

2. Use Uppercase Letters Where Necessary

According to Etsy, your denounce name should look creative to the users .
Type your patronize name by rights and avoid any irregular format .
It is preferred to choose an uppercase letter at the get down of each news .
This makes the title front good on the eyes .

3. It Should Not Contain Vulgar Words

While finalizing the shop appoint, ensure that it does not contain any common words .
It is finely to create cool names because it does not breach Etsy ’ s guidelines for shop identify creation but abstain from using words that may be aweless or common .

4. It Must Be Easy To Pronounce

Your workshop name should be easy to pronounce for people belonging to versatile countries since Etsy operates global .
If your sword belongs to a non-English-speaking country, you should try to tweak the give voice to make it easy to pronounce .

How To Change Or Remove A Public Display Name On Etsy?

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Your populace display name is the name that shows when people view your personal or buyer profile .
It is authoritative to keep a populace display name that represents your sword ownership as a sword owner .
Take the follow steps to change your populace display name on Etsy .

  1. Log in to your Etsy account.
  2. Tap Settings from the side menu.
  3. Click Account Settings from the inner menu.
  4. Click Public Profile from the new page.
  5. Fill out the new name you want.
  6. Click Save.

These steps will change your public display name on Etsy .
The mention is wholly different from the exploiter name that you chose at the time of the signup .

How To Change Your Etsy Shop’s About Section

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If you have written a random about segment at the meter of sign-up, it would be courteous to consider changing it if you want to thrive as a business owner on Etsy .
Most buyers prefer watching the about section before making the leverage .
They are very much interested in learning about the sellers, and once it interests them, they make purchases without any hesitation .
If you have a messed-up about part, you will likely see a drop in sales and less employment .
Take the come steps to change the about section .

  1. Log in to your Etsy account and access the shop manager from the top menu.
  2. Tap the Pencil Icon located at the top beside the shop name.
  3. Scroll down to the about section.
  4. Fill the about section with words describing your shop.
  5. Press the Save option at the bottom.

After taking these steps, you will be able to change the about section of your store .
Write a creative section that represents your brand narrative to drive quality results.


Changing your Etsy shop class name is easily and less time-consuming if you know the steps in sequence .
The important thing that requires most of your fourth dimension is the finalization of your sword name, which is surely a crucial element to building a quality commercial enterprise .

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