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The easiest way to build a basic workbench for your garage or patronize .
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A few weeks ago I gave my garage/shop area a much-needed makeover. I cleared everything out, gave it a good cleaning, added pegboard storehouse to one of the walls, and built myself a fluid workbench and a miter joint visualize stand. When I cleared everything out, I moved one of the old “ workbenches ” ( aka : an erstwhile door on some table legs ) over to my husband ’ second denounce sphere .
Guess what happened the minute he saw my new workbenches …

He requested a newly one for himself, of course !
so nowadays I have plans for his modern workbench ! It ’ second very bare and agile to build and you can adjust the dimensions to fit any space .
Check out the full video to see how it all went together .
Enjoy the plans !

Tools & Supplies:


  • 7 | 2 x 4 @ 8′
  • 1 | 3/4″ Full Sheet of Particleboard (or plywood of your choice)


  • 4 | 2 x 4 @ 36″ (legs)
  • 4 | 2 x 4 @ 21″ (frame sides)
  • 4 | 2 x 4 @ 68″ (frame front & back)
  • 1 | Particleboard @ 25″ x 72″ (tabletop)
  • 1 | Particleboard @ 21″ x 71″ (bottom shelf)

Step 1.

Build the top and bottom frames as shown in the diagram below .
Attach the 21″ sides of the frame to the 68″ movement & back of the frame with 2 1/2″ self-tapping forest screws. I used four screws through each side ( two on both ends of each of the 21″ pieces – one on the top, one on the bottom ) .
See the video if you need clarification … I ’ m not sure if that explanation made any feel .
Build two frames ( peak & bottom ) .

Step 2.

Attach the clear frame to the leg .
It ’ mho easiest to build this separate top toss off. Simply lay the frame on the ground and match the legs up on the outside ends of the frame. Attach with 2 1/2″ self-tapping screws.

I drove four screws through each leg ( two into the presence & back skeletal system, two into the side frame of reference ) .

Step 3.

grade 6″ up from the bottom of the legs and attach the bottom frame with 2 1/2″ self-tapping screws .
I set the bench on its side, marked 6″ up on each leg, moved the bottom frame into position, clamped it, and then attached it. Again, I used four screws through each leg ( two into the front & back frame, two into the side frame ) .

Step 4.

place the bottom shelf on the penetrate frame and attach to the inning with 1 1/4″ self-tapping screws .
I barely drilled immediately down through the particleboard into the frame and countersunk the screws so they ’ re out of the way .

Step 5.

Center the tabletop on the top skeleton – there should be a 1/2″ overhang on all sides of the legs .
Attach with 1 1/4″ self-tapping screws. Again, I drilled directly through the particleboard into the frame and countersunk the screws .
I placed a screw in each corner and two in the middle ( make sure you hit the frame of reference in the middle since it ’ s back further than the leg ) .
And there you have it – an easy, hardy DIY workbench.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I ’ ll get back to you arsenic soon as possible !
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How to Build a Workbench
How to Build a Workbench

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