How to block someone on everything

If there ’ s person you in truth don ’ thymine want to be in contact with always again, whether that ’ s an ex-colleague or an ex-partner, you should start by removing them from all of your social media accounts .
however, you might have more digital links with people than you think. Contact connections appear in everything—from streaming music services to fitness tracking apps. so if you very want to cut person off, they need to be gone from everywhere .
We can ’ thymine cover every individual platform on this list, thus do a quick audit of whatever you have on your earphone to see if there are any early apps that you might need to do some contact tidying on.

Google Maps

Google Maps lets you contribution your localization in real-time with other people. This feature is handy for keeping tabs on the kids and meeting up with friends, but not therefore cool for an antique you no longer want to know. From Google Maps on the web, click the menu release ( three lines, top left field ), then Location sharing, and Manage your location. Click the X following to any name to remove it from the list—that person will no long be able to see where you are in Google Maps .
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Apple Find My

When it comes to Apple Maps, sharing your localization is tied into the broader Find My service, which was designed for tracking everything from lost iPhones to actual people. To check and modify who you ’ ra sharing your real-time placement with, open the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad, then switch over to the People yellow journalism. Find and select the name of the person that you don ’ triiodothyronine want to stay connected to, then choose Stop Sharing My Location .


possibly your Spotify listen history international relations and security network ’ t the most sensible of personal data, but you might still want to stop people from seeing it. Spotify friends can besides share music with you and attach messages to it, thus if you don ’ metric ton want person to contact you, you ’ ll besides have to cut ties here. To block person through the Spotify mobile app, tap Home, then the gear picture ( top correct ), then View profile. There, go to Followers to see who is following you, choose a name from the list, then tap the three dots ( circus tent right ) and Block.

Apple Music

Like Spotify, Apple Music has a feature where other people can see what you ’ ra listen to, though in this lawsuit there ’ s no way to directly share music or air messages. To check up on who is following your listening activity, loose Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad. There, go to Listen Now and tap your profile mental picture ( top right ), then View Profile. Scroll down to your followers, tap the three dots to the mighty of any name, and choose the Block option .


YouTube no long has a calculate message feature, but you can distillery get unwanted contacts leaving comments on your capacity. To block person from interacting with your videos, click on their username, then switch to the About tab key. Once you ’ re there, click the masthead icon on the correct and pick Block user. They ’ ll still be able to see videos that you make public, but they won ’ metric ton be able to leave comments on them .


Your fitness apps can reveal more than you might think about your activities, including your daily runs or cycles. If you ’ rhenium connected on Strava with person that you no longer want to be acquainted with, you can block them by heading to your Strava splashboard on the vane and clicking Followers under your profile picture. Click the gear icon to the right field of the name of the person you want to block and choose Block Athlete to cut off all ties with them .

Apple Fitness

Apple Fitness encourages you to share your action with others to keep you motivated and on track, but if the clock has come to cut person off you can do it from the app on your iPhone. Open the Sharing pill, solicit on the name of the contact you want to block, then choose Remove Friend from the number. After that, they ’ ll no farseeing be able to see your natural process or find you through Apple Fitness.


Fitbit besides lets you add contacts who can see whatever information you ’ ve chosen to share on your profile—from your daily step count, to your real-world localization. To stop person from seeing anything on your Fitbit visibility, go to the fluid app, pat Today and then go to your visibility picture ( clear forget ). Choose View All Friends, find the person you want to disconnect from, tap the three dots on their profile and then Block User .
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region of the appeal of Goodreads is allowing users to share thoughts and recommendations with other readers, so the platform has a hard laid of community features. But you don ’ t necessarily want certain people checking up or messaging you through the site. To cut them off, visit the profile page of one of your contacts through the Goodreads background web site and click on More ( to the justly of their profile picture ). There, just chatter on Block this member to do merely that .

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