3 Ways to Block Your Number and Hide Your Caller ID on iPhone or Android

If you want to hide your outgoing caller ID and block your count, hera ‘s how to keep people from seeing who ‘s calling. sometimes you do n’t want to risk letting your earphone number descent into the ill-timed hands. You could be making work-related calls, reaching out to person on Craigslist, or calling a company you are n’t sure whether to trust or not. In these situations, you should block your earphone number to hide your caller ID and protect your privacy .
We ‘ll show you all the ways to block your number on an iPhone or Android device below. Just remember that a lot of people mechanically decline calls from private numbers, so they might not answer the call if they do n’t know it ‘s you calling.

1. Dial *67 Before the Number You Want to Call

*67 from iPhone Phone keypad The simplest room to block your count is to dial *67 at the begin of the phone act you want to call. If you use this method acting to hide your caller ID from person saved in your contacts, you ‘ll need to make a note of their count ( or copy it to the clipboard ) first. then type ( or paste ) it into the telephone app manually, with * 67 at the begin of it .
As an exemplar, if you wanted to block your call count when calling 555-555-5555, you ‘d need to dial * 67-555-555-5555 .
When you use * 67 to call person, you will show up as No Caller ID, Private, Blocked, or something like on their device. It ‘s completely dislodge to use * 67, and you can use it ampere frequently as you like .
Of course, you need to dial * 67 before any parry call call you want to make. indeed if you want to block your number for every single call, you might be better off using one of the following options rather .
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2. Change the Caller ID Settings on Your Phone

You can block your earphone count and hide your caller ID for every call you make by changing the settings on your device. Both Android and io devices let you hide your caller ID, making you show up as No Caller ID, Private, or Blocked to everyone you call .
If you want to temporarily unblock your number after changing these settings, dial *82 before the act you want to call. This overrides your settings and shows your caller ID again .
unfortunately, some cell carriers do n’t allow you to block your caller ID from your device. If you ca n’t find the settings below, move onto the next step to find out how to block your count directly with your carrier .

How to Block Your Caller ID on an iPhone

Follow these steps to block your caller ID on an iPhone :

  1. Open the Settings app and scroll down to tap on the Phone option.
  2. Tap Show My Caller ID, then turn the toggle off to hide your number.

Show My Caller ID option from iPhone Settings

How to Block Your Caller ID on an Android Device

Depending on your Android telephone and dialer app, this serve could differ. Below are two common places for the option to block your caller id :

  1. Launch the Phone app and open the three-dot menu () in the top-right corner.
  2. Go into Settings, then scroll down to Supplementary Services. Depending on your particular device, you may need to go to Call > Additional.
  3. Tap Show my caller ID and choose to Hide number from the popup menu.

If this does n’t work, try a different location :

  1. Open the Phone app again and tap Menu > Settings.
  2. Select Calling accounts, then tap your carrier name under Settings.
  3. Choose Additional settings.
  4. Tap Caller ID and choose to Hide number to block it every time.

3. Block Your Caller ID Directly With Your Cell Carrier

Verizon home page banner If you ca n’t find an choice to block your number or hide your caller ID in your phone ‘s settings, you need to block it directly with your cell carrier rather .
Most carriers who do n’t let you block your act in the device settings let you do indeed using their own app rather. If that is n’t the case, you ‘ll need to call your carrier to ask them to block your number.

much like the former method, blocking your number this way hides your caller ID for every call you make. If you want to override this and show your call act for a detail predict, you need to add *82 to the beginning of the total .

How to Block Your Caller ID With AT&T or T-Mobile

AT & T and T-Mobile normally let you block your caller ID using the settings on your device. Return to the section above to find out where this choice is on your especial earphone .
If you ca n’t block your issue from the device settings, you need to call the customer hold line for AT & T or T-Mobile alternatively. dial 611 from your smartphone to do so .
excuse to the customer service hustler that you want to hide your caller ID. They should be able to make the necessity changes to your account .

How to Block Your Caller ID With Verizon

Although Verizon does n’t let you block your caller ID from your iPhone or Android settings, you can do indeed using the Verizon web site or the My Verizon app rather .
To use the Verizon web site, go to the Blocks page and bless in to your report, then choice Block Services. If you ‘re on a smartphone, tap the Add button. Find Caller ID under the Additional Services part and turn it On to block your count .
To use the My Verizon app, download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store using the links below, then sign in to your Verizon account. Tap Devices and select your smartphone, then go to Manage > Controls > Adjust Block Services. Turn on the option for Caller ID Blocking .
Download: My Verizon for Android | io ( Free )

How to Block Your Caller ID With Sprint

Sprint lets you hide your caller ID through your My sprint explanation. To do so, sign in to the My Sprint web site and select your smartphone from the list of devices. Choose to Change my service, then find the Setup your phone section and select the Block Caller ID option .
If that does n’t work, dial *2 from your Sprint smartphone to speak to Sprint ‘s customer service team. They should be able to hide your caller ID for you if you could n’t do it through the web site .
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You Can’t Block Your Number for Everyone

unfortunately, even if you follow the steps above to hide your caller ID, you ca n’t block your phone count from everyone. certain people can constantly see who ‘s calling, including 911 and toll-free numbers .
There are besides third-party apps available that lease you find out who ‘s behind a parry number. If person you call uses one of these apps, they might know it ‘s you calling, even if you hide your caller ID first .
so be leery of who you start making antic telephone calls to !

Use a Burner Number Instead of Hiding Your Caller ID

Blocking your number and hiding your caller ID is n’t the alone manner to maintain privacy when making telephone calls. You can besides use a burner number rather. traditionally, this is a separate call or SIM card that you only use for certain calls. But these days you can use a burner issue app to get a second base count on the same earphone alternatively .

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