How to Block Texts on Android: 4 Ways

Unwanted text messages can sometimes become a headache. here ‘s how you can get rid of them on an Android earphone. Being in the digital long time has its pros and cons. For one, you can well reach your friends and syndicate through textbook messages. But the downside of that is that angstrom long as anyone has your number, everyone can besides reach you—everything from acquaintances who have fallen out of favor with you all the means down to actual spammers and scammers .
If you have an Android earphone, though, you have a few ways to block these unwanted messages on your call. here ‘s how to block text messages on Android .
Note: These instructions apply to the Google Messages and Google Contacts apps. If you use Samsung apps, see our lead on how to block text on Samsung Galaxy phones rather.

1. Block an Unwanted Number

If you want to block text from a specific number, it ‘s possible to do through the Google Messages app .

  1. In the Google Messages app, scroll down to the conversation with the number you want to block and then tap on it.
  2. Tap on the three-dot button in the top bar, then tap on Details.
  3. You’ll see an option that says Block & report spam. Tap on it.
  4. The app will ask you if you’re sure you want to block that specific number. Confirm your decision by tapping OK.
    1. You’ll also have the option to report that number as spam. If you don’t want to do so, uncheck the Report spam option before continuing.

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After this, the telephone number in that conversation will not be able to message you again. The Google Contacts app does n’t allow you to block contacts, unlike with Samsung phones or iPhones, therefore whether this is person that fell out of good deck with you or barely some spam count sending you stuff, this is how you handle both things in an official manner .
MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY This besides means that if person has multiple numbers, you ‘ll have to block each one individually. Kind of a awkward approach to this whole situation, but hey, it ‘s better to have something than nothing at all. Be mindful that if you block person, that person wo n’t be able to call you either—there ‘s no room to block only messages .

How to See Blocked Numbers

If you want to see how many people you ‘ve blocked, or if you want to check if you ‘ve blocked person on accident ( and possibly revert it ), you can do that besides .

  1. Open the Google Messages app and tap on the three-dot icon in the top bar. Select Spam & blocked.
  2. Here, you’ll be able to see conversations from numbers flagged as spam and blocked numbers.
  3. Tap again on the three-dot icon at the top, then tap on Blocked contacts.
  4. You’ll see a list of the numbers you’ve blocked until now.
  5. If you want to unblock a number, tap on the X at the side.

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2. Enable Spam Protection

If you ‘re not feeling like doing all of this manually, let Google ‘s AI magic trick do all the unvoiced work alternatively. hera ‘s how to block text by enabling automatic spam protection on Google Messages .

  1. In the Google Messages app, tap on the three-dot icon in the top bar and select Settings.
  2. Tap on General to see the app’s general, non-carrier-specific settings.
  3. Tap on Spam protection and toggle it on.

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broadly, in a bunch of devices, you might find it ‘s already turned on. Just like automatic spam filters on apps like Gmail, Google is constantly doing its thing in the background. however, it could be disabled for some people, or it could ‘ve been turned off unintentionally, which is why I ‘m hush mentioning it anyhow .
There ‘s besides the probability that it ‘s already turned on, but stuff is still slipping through, which is why you thought it was n’t. At this target, you placid have a few options left .

3. Download a Third-Party App

While Google ‘s existing security is already reasonably robust and manages to successfully spot and flag spam or differently malicious numbers, material can hush make it to your conversations. You can try and mitigate this by adding an extra, third-party level of protection .
There are diverse solutions available in the Google Play Store, including long-familiar apps such as Spam Blocker for Android ( previously Key Messages ), Call & SMS Blocker ( once AntiNuisance ), and of course, everyone ‘s tried-and-tested favorite, Truecaller .

These highly-rated apps have millions of downloads. not only will they give you the ability to block textbook, but you can besides get a kind of extra features, such as call recording, contact accompaniment, camera search, and more. But possibly most importantly, all of them are free to use .
Or you can just use the textbook blocking routine in these apps—it ‘s your call .
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If you ‘ve tried everything in this list, and you have n’t squashed down your site yet, it could be worth it to reach out to your carrier. Scammers are continually altering their numbers and techniques in order to exploit flaws in your system, and if you ca n’t do it alone, there ‘s no shame in asking for aid .
early times, numbers can pose as more good threats—maybe a prowler getting out of master that you ca n’t seem to get away from, or worse .
Your carrier can use its network safeguards and tools to directly block the number. If the network provider flags a number as spam, they may be able to ban it wholly or even contact authorities if something is posing as a major threat and the police needs to get involved .
so give a call to your aircraft carrier to see what it can do about it .

Block Unwanted Messages on Your Android Phone

The generic Android message and contacts apps have way fewer ways to block people from sending you unwanted texts, but the good thing is that it can be done—and it ‘s not even besides difficult .
We ‘ve equitable outlined a few ways you can do it, but depending on what telephone you have, you might have a few extra tools at your administration .

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