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last update : May 7, 2022

How to Bet the 2022 Kentucky Derby

Below, learn about the numerous opportunities for fans and horseplayers to support their front-runner horse ( mho ) in the Kentucky Derby !

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The Kentucky Derby is the most popular bet race in the United States – not surprising given that the Derby is the one sawhorse race closely everyone can name .
For people who have never bet on a horse, selecting a single standout could prove besides daunting to make a bet, particularly with 20 horses likely to start. But this is a sport, this is a game and it ’ s a fun way to have a little extra interest in the area ’ s most iconic cavalry slipstream, so let TwinSpires help you join in this here and now of Americana .

How do you bet on the Derby?

1) Getting started

If you are wondering where to start with how to place bets on the Kentucky Derby, accessing our bet options at TwinSpires with our free registration is where you will want to get started .
By signing-up, you gain access to our race replays, handicapping products, live horse racing streaming video and most importantly ; the ability to participate in our count promos and bonuses !

2) Early betting

For people wanting to start early and possibly secure better odds immediately, than when horses enter the get down gate at post time, the Kentucky Derby Future Wager is a great option .
The future stake is traditionally open during four different periods– normally in November, February, March, and April –as the Road to the Kentucky Derby homework races are running .
The KDFW itself is pari-mutuel, offering Win and Exacta options for fields in each installment. The offerings are selected by a jury of racing experts and handicappers .

3) Derby week options

The final field of entries for the Kentucky Derby is completed by Monday or Tuesday afternoon of Derby workweek during the post-position or barrier draw .
Fans won ’ t have to wait besides long before the race is available for wagering at racetracks, smart call mobile apps, simulcast centers, Off Track Betting facilities and on Advanced Deposit Wagering platforms – such as TwinSpires.com, the only official betting site of the Kentucky Derby .
Advance wagering becomes available finale to 24 hours anterior. typically Thursday morning for Kentucky Oaks day and Friday dawn for Kentucky Derby day .

4) Placing a bet online or on your mobile device

TwinSpires Mobile AppTwinSpires Mobile App

  1. Register or Log-In (be sure to check for Derby week offers!)
  2. Select the track of Churchill Downs
  3. Select the race number of the Kentucky Derby (usually the second to last race on the card)
  4. Select your horse
  5. Select wager type
  6. Enter your dollar amount
  7. Submit your bet slip!

Learn more in our how-to video here .

Betting with iOS

Betting with Android

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Quick Betting Overview

Best Bets

  • New players – stick to the ‘Win’ bet
  • Players looking to explore – venture into an exacta or trifecta
  • For the adventure seeker – dive into the pick 3s and pick 4s

Bet Types

  • Win:
    • Bet on the horse you think you will win the Kentucky Derby.
  • Place:
    • This bet gets you a return if your selection finishes first or second.
  • Show:
    • Betting that your horse will finish first, second, or third.
  • Exacta:
    • Predict the first two horses in the correct order.
  • Trifecta:
    • Predict the first three horses in the correct order.
  • Superfecta:
    • Predict the first four horses in the correct order.
  • Super High Five:
    • Predict the first five horses in the correct order.
  • Special bets
    • include a double on the Kentucky Oaks (Friday) and the Kentucky Derby (Saturday), where players try to predict the winner of both races.

More in-depth synopsis on Bet Types

In addition to the traditional “ straight ” wagers ( Win, Place, Show ), fans can besides attempt to cash boastful in the diverse “ exotic ” pools. Exacta ( foremost two ), Trifecta ( first three ), Superfecta ( foremost four ), and Super High Five ( inaugural five ) bet are all offered, and cashing a ticket in any of these pools is a cause to brag as a maximum field of 20 makes the Derby a unmanageable handicap puzzle.

Straight Bet

The straight count is the easiest bet to understand in cavalry dissipated. You can place wagers on horses to win outright, “ rate ” in the top-two, or “ appearance ” in the top-three. As you hedge the stake, the payout gets reduced but this is a solid way to ensure that you at least get a payback .
With the following rendition of the Derby appearing to be a very stopping point race among the leading contenders, a put bet on the favored is the safe way to play. The favorite has placed 1st or 2nd in almost ten years of straight renewals. That being said, the win bet is far more satisfy though there ’ randomness more risk involved .

Exotic Bet – Exacta Box

What makes betting on horses indeed enthralling is the alien bets, or the horse man ’ s translation of a parlay .
There is a bang-up softwood in diverseness in bets to make here, but one of the best wagers is called the “ exacta box ” and is a personal go-to. An exacta is when you declare the crown two finishers in accurate rate. The “ box ” separate of the stake means that your two horses can finish in any orderliness, which gives you a bit more forgiveness built in .
The payout is difficult to ascertain, because it depends on the two horses that you ’ ra bet on and their odds, but as mentioned earlier, the peak horses on the board have been queerly reliable in holocene years. Three years ago, the Kentucky Derby went methamphetamine through the first five finishers .
You can absolutely explore other options that are a act more expensive, but a heavy tend on an exacta box is a top level, introductory play for novitiate cavalry players. It ’ sulfur besides a mainstay for veterans of the track as good and might identical well become your front-runner bet at the track once you see it pay out in real life .
We have more guides, tips and tricks for learning how to handicap in our free online betting guide library. besides, read through many of horse racing’s betting terms .
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In Short

There are many ways to handicap a horse subspecies, and there are no shortages of opinions or angles when it comes to handicapping the Kentucky Derby and the numerous homework races leading up to the Run for the Roses .
From a beginners betting usher to the most sophisticate tools for inform handicappers, TwinSpires.com provides comprehensive pieces of information and betting guides to help you find the winners circle more much .

  • Handicapping horses and the races takes much time, research and intuition.
    • Data – Speed Figures, Past Performances, Class Ratings and Jockey/Trainer Stats
      • Beyond studying past performance charts, speed figures, class ratings or jockey and trainer stats, a handicapper has to have insight and ability to find various ways to identify horses that are ready to win.
    • Media – Race Replays, Analysis, Surface Status or Track Bias and Horse Form
      • You may not have time to study race videos, tracks, surfaces or find horses that had troubled trips in recent races. But it’s important to distill information that can help you identify horses that may offer some value next time out or others in good form or improving that can provide value wagering opportunities. 
  • Races and horses should be backed based on positive attributes and not as a result of who’s the best of the worst.
    • As you study some of the betting guides and training tools offered at TwinSpires.com and some of the resources below, you’ll become better prepared and equipped to analyze races in a more meaningful way.
    • Understanding ‘how’ a horse has run leading up to a race versus the far less important ‘where’ the horse finishes and ‘what’ time he/she completed their recent races will help you become more proficient.  

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How to bet the Kentucky Derby on a budget

Bet Big In the 2022 Kentucky Derby With Just $50

You don ’ thyroxine think it ’ s potential do you ?
Can person truly bet $ 50 or $ 100 and nail a solid revert for that bet ?
well the beauty of cavalry race is that there are a short ton of ways to turn a little in to a batch, flush with a normal measure of cash in hand. It may be called the Sport of Kings, but these days it ’ s a sport for everyone .
One of the big keys about the Kentucky Derby is that the favorite contender usually wins.
That ’ s specially been true in the past few seasons. Some might say that this wasn ’ t the case in 2017 when Always Dreaming won with 5/1 odds over 4/1 favorite Classic Empire, but the latter was a distrust predilection based on miss of racing in his 3-year-old season .
The sharp targeted Always Dreaming rightfully. Either room, the odds were mean enough to keep the tendency on track .
With that in thinker, let ’ s take a front at how the monetary value conscious bettor might spend their money on Kentucky Derby day .

The Kentucky Derby Futures Wager

There are four windows throughout the class where bettors can get in on a futures market and the final one arrives near the moment week in April .
This is absolutely one of the best ways to get in on the Derby early to maximize odds likely. A bettor could play $ 50 on a 3/1 favorite to win $ 150…or you could bet on him very early for something like 6/1 odds to win $ 300 .
The KDFW Pool 4 is where you get the best bang for your buck as the rival photograph comes into focus. Plus it takes the guess function and relieves latent hostility of having to play a bet on race day .
Sit back, grab a mint julep and wait for the bell to sound .
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Kentucky Derby Betting 101 Video Series

Kentucky Derby Betting Records through 2018

  • High $2 Win (since pari-mutuel in 1908): $184.90, Donerail (1913)
  • High $2 Exacta (first offered 1985): $9,814.80, Giacomo-Closing Argument (2005)
  • High $2 Trifecta (first offered 1994): $133,134.80, Giacomo-Closing Argument-Afleet Alex (2005)”
  • High $1 Superfecta (first offered 1996): $864,253.50, Giacomo-Closing Argument-Afleet Alex-Don’t Get Mad (2005)
  • Low $2 Win (since pari-mutuel in 1908): $2.80, Count Fleet (1943) & Citation (1948)
  • Low $2 Exacta (first offered 1985): $15.20, Sunday Silence-Easy Goer (1989)
  • Low $2 Trifecta (first offered 1994): $202.00, American Pharoah-Firing Line-Dortmund (2015)
  • Low $1 Superfecta (first offered 1996): $350.00, Silver Charm-Captain Bodgit-Free House-Pulpit (1997)
  • Favorites Record (since pari-mutuel in 1908): 109-39-21-10 (Win=35.8%; ITM=64.2%)
  • Shortest Priced Favorite (since 1908): 0.40-1, Bimelech (1940-2nd), Count Fleet (1943-1st), Citation/Coaltown entry (1948-1st/2nd) & Honest Pleasure (1976-2nd)
  • Longest Priced Favorite (since 1908): 6.00-1, Harlan’s Holiday (2002-7th)
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TwinSpires.com makes it easy, and playfulness, to get a little excess excitement out of America ’ sulfur greatest race. good fortune !

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