Twitch Partner Requirements – 2022 Application Process Explained

To reach Twitch Partnership requires a channel passing a manual recapitulation from Twitch staff. To even be eligible to apply for Partner the minimal metrics required as stated by Twitch are :

  • Concurrent viewership of 75 viewers within the last 30 days
  • Stream at least 12 different times within the last month
  • Stream for at least 25 hours over the last month

In rate to unlock the way to partnership, you must first become a Twitch Affiliate .

How to Get Partnered on Twitch

many new Twitch streamers reach Affiliate status within the first two months on the platform, but it can take several months or years to become a Twitch partner. The metrics are much higher and Twitch holds their partners to a higher standard than they do their Affiliates. here are a few things you can focus on to make things a piece better :

  1. 1. Focus on Smaller Goals

    To keep yourself motivated, break your large Twitch goals down into smaller milestones. Trying to reach 10 or 20 coincident followers seems far less unmanageable than 75. Give yourself little rewards as you reach each one and celebrate those milestones with your community. Your viewers will rally behind you and continue to propel you advancing on your path to partnership.

  2. 2. Improve Your Production Quality

    put in the attempt or increase your overall channel timbre. This will include respective things :

    • Make sure that you have high-quality audio and video quality
    • Invest in Twitch overlays and other quality graphics for your stream
    • Fill out your Twitch profile and decorate it with custom Twitch Panels designed for your stream
    • Add Twitch sound alerts to make your stream more engaging
    • Custom emotes that represent your brand and community
  3. 3. Stream Entertaining Content

    Your message is what will attract raw viewers and potentially build a residential district over time. here are a few ways you can improve your content on twitch :

    • Never stop talking on stream. Choose any of your VODs, scroll to a random place in the middle and see how long it takes for you to speak or engage with your community. Even if you have a very small community (or no viewers at all), people are unlikely to stay in your channel or try to engage with you if you seem distant and aren’t communicating.
    • Find ways to increase the value of your content. Try new skins, work at becoming a better gamer, or play games with your viewers. Find ways to teach new tips and techniques to your viewers
    • Try something new. Expanding your current content can help you find new viewers who would never search your original category.
  4. 4. Build Your Twitch Community

    actively engage in your community. Build a Discord server for your Twitch groove. Your community will be the backbone behind your Twitch partnership proposal. Keep things positive and growing. Find fresh ways to involve them in your distribution channel activities to keep them hyped and returning for more .

Twitch Partnership Application

After you have met the minimum distribution channel requirements to meet the Twitch partnership broadcast, you can apply through the platform. You will not automatically be given partner status like you were given consort. Be professional and thorough in how you believe you have earned the condition. Have a supporter ( or another streamer ) proof-read your application before you submit it .

How Twitch Reviews a Partnership Application

pinch will consider the following when deciding whether or not they will give you the partnership status on their platform :

  1. 1. Concurrent Viewership

    While the minimum requirement is 75 coincident viewers if the rest of your metrics aren ’ thymine as high, Twitch may not accept your lotion. many partners are last accepted when they average between 100-200 viewers.

  2. 2. Chat Activity 

    People lurking in your impart international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate enough, specially when there are ways that people can cheat to get around the system. Twitch will look at your betrothal to see how active agent and genuine it is .

  3. 3. Entertainment Value

    Twitch will look at your betrothal, your audio and ocular quality, your overall stigmatize, and how unique your channel is .

  4. 4. Stream Frequency

    Twitch will look at how often you stream and how long each current is. You need to maintain the minimum number needed for partnership .

  5. 5. Community

    Twitch will look at your community and see how active they are. If your community extends to other social media accounts and YouTube, make sure to let Twitch know .

What Do If Your Twitch Partnership Application is Denied?

If Twitch denies your request for partnership, take it in pace. If it isn ’ t net why you were denied, answer and politely ask them what metrics they would like to see before giving you the status. When they reply, thank them for your time and start to work on their suggestions. When you reapply, make certain to show how you have improved in those metrics .

Twitch Affiliate vs Twitch Partner

here is a breakdown of the benefit differences between Twitch Affiliates and Twitch Partners :

Can You Be Unpartnered on Twitch?

While rare, it is possible to be unpartnered on Twitch. This has happened when a streamer has crossed a line that could have resulted in a permanent ban. In the end, Twitch allowed them to stay on the chopine but removed their spouse condition.


Becoming a collaborator shows that your channel is on the right track toward success. Your cultivate international relations and security network ’ thymine done though, you need to continue to keep your viewers engaged and build your channel over prison term. Create new goals for yourself to keep motivated and pressing forward .

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