Where to Apply Highlighter on Your Face: 5 Tricks Revealed

Whether you ’ ra working from home or working your means back into the earth, there ’ randomness always fourth dimension for a little glow-up. One of the pros ’ best-kept secrets : most of us still need to learn where to apply highlighter on our front.
It ’ s not complicated, but it does take some insider cognition, thus let ’ s get going !

Highlighter 101

There are a few approaches when it comes to figuring out precisely where to apply highlighter on your expression. One relies on contouring and the other on highlighting .
Full Frontal : Contouring Your whole face

Which parts of your confront do you want to accentuate and which parts do you want to minimize ? Contouring allows you to enhance features you love and downplay the ones you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate .
All contouring has 4 basic steps — contour, highlight, tan, bloom — but it ’ sulfur significant to understand your face shape before you start so you can truly make your features pop. guardant contour, while an substantive magic trick of the highlighting trade, is more time-consuming and product-intensive than standard highlight, so bookmark these pages for another day and keep scroll for our 5 all-in-one highlighter tricks .
How To Contour Your Face
How To Contour For Your Face Shape
How To Contour Your Nose
barely A partake : Spot-Highlighting with Glass Glow Shinelighter
There ’ s a cause Beautyblender only makes one highlighter : it ’ s all you need. The Glass Glow Crystal Clear Shinelighter is colorless and natural, giving you neat miniature without the awkward, bubbling, extraordinary reflect other highlighters create .
start with Selfie Shield™ Primer, which has built-in SPF 38 and goes on open, and then wet, squeeze and bounce your foundation. following, decide where to apply highlighter on your face .
If you ’ re concern about highlighting the faulty part, fair remember : highlighter works in any spot on your face that naturally picks up unaccented. For most of us, that includes :
– Apples of the cheek
– Below the eyebrows
– inner corners of the eye
– bridge of intrude
– Lower chin

– cupid ’ second bow
– clavicle
Are you a ocular apprentice ? SAME. here ’ s our top-secret tap : Save these graphics to your phone ’ s photos and you ’ ll never be without your highlighter cheatsheet .

once you ’ ve played around with where to apply highlighter on your expression, try these 5 specific spots for a sophisticated, grown-up radiance .

1. Eyes

For a aglow, glam eye, add Shinelighter on top of your eyeshadow. Squeeze a small onto the Beautyblender bounce pad on your foundation case, dab with an eyeliner brush and pilfer on. Shinelighter is polish and never gluey, so it creates a crease-proof radiance every prison term .
You can besides use Shinelighter on the inner corners of your eye and under your brow line for insidious reflectiveness when creating the perfect smokey eye .

2. Nose

To elongate your side, highlight the bridge of your nose and add a fiddling dot of Shinelighter to the tip. That will help the parts of your intrude you want to accentuate catch the light. You can besides put a little on the cupid ’ sulfur bow correct below your intrude and above your amphetamine lip to continue the hanker line .

3. Cheeks

If you ’ rhenium hesitant about lighting up your whole face, start with your buttock. The apples of the cheeks are the most beloved blemish to wear highlighter because that ’ s where your confront naturally catches a glow. To do it without over doing it, think about it like this : on the apples of your cheeks, create a parenthesis to frame your eyes with two “ C ” shapes facing inward .

4. Lips

There are two ways to use Shinelighter on your lips :
1. Turn your front-runner flatness lipstick into a glistening game changer by swiping Shinelighter all over .
2. Dab a dot on your cupid ’ mho bow, the identical middle of your bottom brim and on your lower chin to elongate and brighten your confront in a natural way.

5. Collarbone

It sounds weird, but trust us. Using a short Shinelighter on your clavicle is a great way to add shininess and glow to your overall look, particularly in warm months when you ’ rhenium rocking tanks, swimsuits and strapless tops .

Ready to Go Pro? 

– check out How to Apply Highlighter Like a Pro .
– dig into our Pro-File with Makeup Artist to the Stars D’Andre Michael to learn how he uses Shinelighter to keep everyone from L ’ illinois Kim to Mary J. Blige looking bracing, brassy and fly .

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