How Shallon Lester (suddenly) started getting 5 million YouTube video views a MONTH on her channel

In this weeks’s episode, @Shallon Lester talks about how she gets 5 million views a month on her channel. She shares how she makes her videos so that they get 5 million views a month, the lessons she’s learned getting 5 million views a month on her channel and more.

Everyone wants the scoop! This YouTuber has found a way to deliver dating advice while spilling the tea on all our favorite celebrity couples. She’s a genius! She’s going to teach you how to do the same, take what you’re great at, and mix it with something people are hungry for right now!

Here are some of the videos Shallon references in this video:
How to Kiss series on Howcast:
RED FLAGS FROM JORDYN’S INTERVIEW: How To Spot A Liar & Manipulative People
TRAITS OF A NARCISSIST: Red Flags Of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Engagement

Shallon Lester’s channel:

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  1. She made fun of Selena Gomez as being a illegal immigrant.

  2. That’s impressive that she does her videos in one take

  3. People are going INNNNN on her now. I dunno, I find her informative and entertaining. I’ve learned a lot from her tbh

  4. She putts her ALL into advising the viewer and making sure we learn from her mistakes

  5. This video is probably the reason all this bad stuff happened to her, y'all gave her evil eye

  6. she has absolutely no compassion talking about numbers while those videos about trashing people

  7. She is a hater!! Whats wrong with so many people following and listen to this bully with a platform, disgusting!!!

  8. Girl, just delete the video or look up Dangelo's video on Shallon's BS. But something tells me you already did…

  9. Hi Erika! Thank you for interviewing my favorite YouTuber Shallon. You had great interviewing skills and asked the best questions. Shallon inspired me to start my own channel! She exhibits such confidence and really goes after what she wants. My channel is fairly new but I will be sharing about my life. Covering fitness and my 50 pound weight loss, singing covers (passion of mine), makeup tutorials, and my person life lessons, I’ve been through a lot and I’m always looking to inspire and help others. I also want to share about how I manifest/use the law of attraction. Just subscribed to your channel and I’m really excited to keep watching! Xoxo 💜


  11. Awesome i love this! 👸🏻

  12. Thanks for an interesting interview💗

  13. Queen Shallon sharing her wisdom❤

  14. This is like a horror movie. Attack of the eyeballs. Your makeup makes it so much worse 😖

  15. Suggestion: pull back the camera and work the camera angles for a more flattering view. The microphone sounded better on the interview clip 👍

  16. Travel vlogger YT here.. loved seeing the behind the scenes story! Cheers 💫

  17. Because she’s the best!! Love you Auntie Shallon 😘😘

  18. I love her!!!! Thanks for this interview. So insightful

  19. Just heard you on the Smart Passive Income Podcast and HAD to come and find you on Youtube. I loved your tip on the podcast about being entertaining. 🙂

  20. I love her personality. Maybe because I’m a New Yorker too? 🤷🏾‍♀️ Great interview!!

  21. Erika I really enjoyed this interview. I am a small influencer who started my channel 10 months ago. I’ve started to propel more now and am getting a lot of small Asian companies messaging me to create videos for them. Sometimes they’re one minute application videos and sometimes it’s review YouTube videos. How do you know what to charge for that? I don’t have a reference point and I always feel bad charging because I’m just so small still.

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