How Much Snow Will Fall Where You Live?

There ’ s a reason the snow prediction on your weather function much misses : It represents just a fraction of the possible outcomes contained within official forecasts .
Most weather maps show you only the center of the distribution of snow estimates. Search below to see the full roll of possibilities for your community over the next few days .

How Much Snow to Expect

Forecasted snow from

Search for a location

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source : National Weather Service The scope can be wide-eyed. That ’ s because predicting bamboozle remains crafty, particularly several days out, said Alex Lamers, a warn coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service. Getting a snow sum correct requires predicting the path of a ramp correctly, estimating the measure of precipitation and understand extra factors — like the temperature high in the atmosphere, or wind speeds close to the ground — that can influence the snow ’ mho concentration .

Weather Forecasters ’ Best think

following 3 Days Less snow More snow

0‍ 1‍ 2‍ 3‍ 4‍ 6‍ 8‍ 12‍ 18‍ 24‍ 30‍ 36‍ in .
No Data Most likely
Expected range of snow humble end
90 % gamble of more snow high end
90 % chance of less bamboozle
source : National Weather Service ’ s National Digital Forecast Database note : The ‘ high conclusion ’ and ‘ low end ’ forecasts are considered experimental by the National Weather Service and are not available in all locations .
The map above shows the typical snow calculate — at the center of potential estimates from the National Weather Service. For some storms, that estimate is highly predictive. But for others, it can represent less than 50 percentage of potential snow totals .
The buttons for “ high end ” and “ first gear end ” appearance forecasts on the edges of the Weather Service ’ second roll .

What ’ s the Range of Your Snow Forecast ?

future 3 Days Gap between high and abject forecast
Smaller gap Bigger gap

0‍ 2‍ 4‍ 6‍ 8‍ 10‍ 12‍ 14‍ 16‍ 18‍ in .
No Data
beginning : National Weather Service ’ s National Digital Forecast Database note : This datum is considered experimental by the National Weather Service and is not available in all locations. Data in some locations may be improving to 24 hours out of date .
The map above uses the Weather Service ’ s data to illustrate the doubt more directly. It shows the deviation between the exceed end of the coke bode — the highest 10 percentage of the possible total — and the lowest 10 percentage. The bigger the dispute, the bigger the uncertainty. Areas where the prediction is most ill-defined are more purple. Areas where the forecast is more certain are more yellow. Areas where no snow is expected appear light gray .

Officials at the Weather Service understand that the populace needs both a reasonable calculate and some information about uncertainty, and the agency ’ mho scientists have been consulting with experts on how to do both better. That has led it to produce the datum behind our maps. But because the agency presently considers these ranges experimental, some upwind prediction offices are not so far participating. Those areas appear as black grey on the map .

How much Has It Already Snowed ?

past 3 Days Less bamboozle More snow
0‍ 1‍ 2‍ 3‍ 4‍ 6‍ 8‍ 12‍ 18‍ 24‍ 30‍ 36‍ in.

beginning : National Weather Service ’ s National Snowfall Analysis It may already be snowing in your sphere. The map above will show how much coke has fallen over the last three days. And this page will update regularly, so you can return here after a storm to see how accurate the forecasts were .

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