Kitchen Updates for Any Budget

Update Hardware

A very low-cost update is to replace your cabinet ‘s hardware with one of nowadays ‘s popular options : vintage-look glass, burnished bronze, antiqued copper, pewter and bright or flat nickel. This quick and easily change can make date cabinets look newfangled. Tip: To ensure that new pulls and knobs match the existing holes, remove one of each character and take them with you when shopping .

Replace Sink Faucets

Sink faucets have come a long way in recent years. current models offer detachable sprayers, hide soap or lotion dispensers and touch-sensitive, knob-free operation. Faucets besides come in a wide-eyed variety of finishes and styles, from formal victorian to extremist modern, making it easily to coordinate the faucet with your home ‘s interior decoration .

Paint Cabinets

Painting your existing cabinets is an cheap update that even a newcomer DIYer can handle. Some emery paper, paintbrushes and a few gallons of primer and paint are all you need to give your kitchen a fresh, newfangled look. design by Beth Haley

Add Hidden storage

Every kitchen could use more storehouse. This cleverly concealed draftsman, designed by Dave Stimmel, provides the arrant set to keep cook necessities within easy reach of the stave. built-in memory like this can be a dearly-won addition. To keep costs down, check your local hardware shop for pull-out repositing kits and drawer organizers that will fit your existing cabinets .

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Add Sufficient Lighting

In addition to improving the overall look, the correct fall besides makes a kitchen more functional and appear larger. Brighten up by adding under-counter clarification, undertaking lighting above exercise surfaces and ambient light up, such as adjourn lights. This kitchen, designed by Beth Haley, uses all three to great impression .

DIY Tile Backsplash

Adding a tile backsplash, is a relatively dim-witted DIY project. many home improvement and tile provision stores offer dislodge, hands-on classes to teach you the basics.

substitute Flooring

New deck can change the feel of your kitchen. Hardwoods lend a ardent, traditional spirit while natural stone, such as marble or travertine, adds a milled vibration. This kitchen, designed by Kristin Barker, mixes the two for a modern finish.

Add an Island

An island provides extra cabinets, a handy placement for a sink or stave and the perfective spot for a casual meal or keeping an eye on the kids while they finish up homework. This cottage-style kitchen, designed by Thomas Conway, beautifully combines vintage-style details with a modern, open-concept layout .

Update Countertops

New countertops will give any kitchen an update look. Laminate remains the least expensive option while granite and marble are the most desirable. More trendy choices are concrete and metals such as pewter, copper or stainless steel. design by Trish Beaudet .

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Trish Beaudet

Replace Cabinets

Replacing the kitchen cabinets offers a capital opportunity to customize them based on your life style. This built-in hovel and buffet, designed by Beth Haley, provides an attractive space for displaying treasured crockery in the glass-front cabinets while the countertop below can be used as a buffet when entertain .

total Remodel

If your budget allows, a dispatch kitchen recast is the means to go. New shock, electric, cabinets and plumb allows the opportunity to create a more functional layout. Although it can be costly, removing walls separating the kitchen from adjacent animation spaces is a popular option for those desiring an open floor plan. design by Gail Drury.

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