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More than 90 percentage of tax refunds are issued by the IRS in less than 21 days, according to the IRS. however, the demand timing of receiving your refund depends on a compass of factors, and in some cases, the work may take longer. If you ’ re owed a refund, you ’ re credibly eager for it to arrive. here ’ s what you need to know to predict how long you ’ ll wait for your refund .

How long will my tax refund take?

The IRS sends over 9 out of 10 refunds to taxpayers in less than three weeks. unfortunately, a 21-day pitch of your tax refund international relations and security network ’ t guarantee. There are a numeral of factors — including the choices you make when you file — that could impact how hanker it takes for you to receive your tax refund.

Find out what other factors affect the timing of your refund in 15 minutes or less with our modern video series .
You get to choose how you want to receive any refund the IRS owe you. here are your options :

  • Direct deposit into your bank account (this is the fastest way to get your refund).
  • Paper check sent through the mail.
  • Debit card holding the value of the refund.
  • Purchase up to $5,000 in U.S. Savings Bonds.
  • Split your refund among up to three financial accounts in your name, including a traditional IRA, Roth IRA or SEP-IRA.

The delivery choice you choose for your tax refund will affect how quickly you receive your funds. According to the IRS, the fastest way to receive your refund is to combine the lineal depository method acting with an electronically filed tax recurrence .

Tax refund process

Below is an calculate breakdown of how soon you might expect to receive your tax refund, based on filing and delivery choices .

Federal tax refund delivery time
Delivery type Delivery time (date filed – receipt of tax refund)
E-file with direct deposit 1-3 weeks
Paper file with direct deposit 1-3 weeks
E-file with refund check in the mail 6-8 weeks
Paper file with refund check in the mail 6-8 weeks

2022 IRS refund schedule chart

The IRS started accepting 2021 tax returns on Jan. 24, 2022. The IRS has not however released its 2022 refund schedule, but you can use the chart below to estimate when you may receive your tax refund via target deposit or paper determine .

Date taxes accepted Direct deposit sent Paper check mailed
Jan. 24 – Jan. 31 Feb. 7 Feb. 14
Feb. 6 – Feb. 7 Feb. 14 Feb. 21
Feb. 8 – Feb. 14 Feb. 21 Feb. 28
Feb. 15 – Feb. 21 Feb. 28 March 7
Feb. 22 – Feb. 28 March 7 March 14
March 1 – March 7 March 14 March 21
March 8 – March 14 March 21 March 28
March 15 – March 21 March 28 April 4
March 22 – March 28 April 4 April 11
March 29 – April 4 April 11 April 18
April 5 – April 11 April 18 April 25
April 12 – April 18 April 25 May 2
April 19 – April 25 May 2 May 9
April 26 – May 2 May 9 May 15
May 3 – May 9 May 15 May 23
May 10 – May 16 May 23 May 30
May 17 – May 23 May 30 June 6
May 24 – May 30 June 6 June 13
May 31 – June 6 June 13 June 20
June 7 – June 13 June 20 June 27
June 14 – June 20 June 27 July 4
June 21 – June 27 July 4 July 11
June 28 – July 4 July 11 July 18
July 5 – July 11 July 18 July 25
July 12 – July 18 July 25 Aug. 1
July 19 – July 25 Aug. 1 Aug. 8
July 26 – Aug. 1 Aug. 8 Aug. 15

Other factors that could affect the timing of your refund

extra factors could slow down the march of your tax refund, such as errors, incomplete returns or imposter. Taxpayers who claim the earned income tax credit ( EITC ) or the extra child tax credit ( ACTC ) may see extra delays because of limited rules that require the IRS to hold their refunds until Feb. 27. You should besides expect to wait longer for your refund if the IRS determines that your tax render needs further recapitulation.

Refunds for returns that have errors or that need especial wield could take up to four months, according to the IRS. Tax returns that need limited handling include those that have an wrong come for the Recovery Rebate Credit and some that claim the EITC or the ACTC. Delays besides occur when the IRS suspects identity larceny or fraud with any return. Respond quickly if the IRS contacts you by mail for more information or to verify a return. A delay in responding will increase the wait time for your refund .
If you submitted an amended tax form, it may take more than 20 weeks to receive a refund due to processing delays related to the pandemic .

How to track the progress of your refund

The IRS has eliminated the guess of waiting for your tax refund by creating IRS2Go, an app that allows you to track the condition of your render. You can besides check the condition of your refund with the “ Where ’ s My Refund ? ” on-line portal vein. Both tools provide personalized day by day updates for taxpayers 24 hours after a return is e-filed or four weeks after the IRS has received a newspaper return. After inputting some basic information ( i.e., your Social Security number or ITIN, filing status, and the exact total of your refund ), you can track your refund ’ randomness build up through three stages :

  1. Return received.
  2. Refund approved.
  3. Refund sent.

once your refund reaches the third stage, you will need to wait for your fiscal institution to process a conduct sediment or for a composition check to reach you through the mail.

What to do once your refund arrives

For many people, their IRS tax refund is the biggest check they receive all year, the IRS says. In anticipation of your boom, it ’ s knowing to have a design for how you ’ re going to use your windfall. Deciding how to spend, save or invest the money in progress can help stop the shop nerve impulse from getting the best of you. Your refund is yours to use how you see fit and can be used to help pay for daily expenses or invested for long-run fiscal stability. If you ’ re expecting a refund, put it to good use. Looking for inspiration ? Bankrate offers five smart ways to invest your tax refund .

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