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If you ’ ve been diagnosed with a hernia and you ’ re wondering how long you can wait to have hernia surgery, your surgeon will likely tell you sooner is better than subsequently. A hernia normally requires surgical repair and does not go away on its own. And, left untreated, hernias can cause serious complications. One of the reasons patients may delay scheduling the procedure is due to their concerns involving hernia surgery convalescence time .
At General and Vascular Surgery, as an independent, physician-owned practice, we do all we can to help assuage your fears. Our goal is to encourage the safest convalescence potential so you can return to the activities you enjoy .

Questions to Ask About Hernia Surgery Recovery

An African American man makes the most of hernia surgery recovery time, resting on a gray couch with a book on his chest. One of the best ways to ease any worries about having hernia surgery and the heal prison term involved is to ask your surgeon questions. Take a look at some of the coarse questions fielded by our GVS surgeons.

  • How long does it take to recover from a hernia surgery?

For an inguinal hernia ( one of the most common types ), there are two types of surgical repair options. Open hernia surgery, in which a surgeon utilizes a long incision to push the start organ back into identify, generally requires a minimal of three weeks to recover. If a laparoscopic hernia repair is performed, recovery is closer to one to two weeks.

  • Does recovery from hernia surgery with mesh take longer?

No. Hernia engagement is used more frequently than not in hernia repairs. According to the FDA, entirely 10 % of hernia surgeries were performed without engage by the year 2000 and after.

  • How long should I wait after hernia surgery to get back to exercising?

While it ’ randomness authoritative to move around during the initial post-surgery healing phase to avoid blood clots and other complications, it ’ s important to allow adequate fourth dimension to amply heal. When it comes to optimum inguinal hernia operation recovery clock and exercise, four to six weeks is the typical timeline. You should constantly consult with your doctor of the church prior to performing any strenuous action .

When Is the Best Time to Schedule Hernia Surgery?

The best room to know when surgical intervention is needed is to schedule a consultation with a skilled and knowing surgeon. Our hernia surgeons perform thousands of hernia surgeries every class, helping patients identify the appropriate time for operation. Do keep in heed, however, that if you are experiencing sudden and austere pain and/or vomit, you should seek immediate help. These symptoms could indicate a unplayful problem .
If you suspect you have a hernia and need to schedule a surgical repair, confer with our physicians immediately. Or, call us any time with questions at 574-236-1888 .

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