[HIT] KBS 가요대축제-태연X EXO 첸(Taeyeon X EXO CHEN) – 숨소리.20141226

태연X EXO 첸(Taeyeon X EXO CHEN) – 숨소리

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  1. Somehow she can't sing,one can hear Chen,but not her.

  2. his voice is amazing, love you my dear Chen ❤ 😘 ♥

  3. Happy soondingie day everyone 💖💖💖💖

  4. 태연 진짜 이쁘네

  5. Wonderful vocals and singers 💗💗💗

  6. chen, youre voice so amazing…. miss u you , chen

  7. I guess their voices just not blend in as much as the tae-jong duet but they still did great (>_<)

  8. Vocal king & queen singing ❤ Tayeon is so pretty and Chen is so handsome

  9. Please i want see Taeyeon and Chen collaboration again. They look really amazing.

  10. Chen şimdi bir baba;-)❣️

  11. Chen and Jonghyun have similar voice tone/color but Jonghyun and Taeyeon have the chemistry. The emotion of the song is perfectly spread by Tae-Jong.
    Same with Chen who fit the mandarin version of this song with Zhang Liyin.

  12. Taeyeon 😍😘💕💜💙

  13. Beautiful 😍 vocals and Chen 😌👏👏👏 looking gorgeous

  14. تشين 😍😍😍😍😍

  15. chen+taeyeon = perfect

  16. พี่แทกิน CD เข้าไปรึไง ร้องไม่เพี้ยนเลย

  17. คิดถึงเสียงพี่แททีไร ต้องวนมาฟังคลิปนี้ทุกที ร้องดีมากกกกกกก

  18. Vocal King and Queen of kpop

  19. ชอบมาฟังคลิปนี้อ่า พี่แทร้องดีมาก ยังกับเปิดแผ่นเลย

  20. I want a collab of this two King And Queen 😢😢

  21. 2019 and I'm still here💕
    My favorite king and queen of ballads

  22. I hope this year i seen them sing together again😭

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