Has Kim Yo-jong, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's sister, been demoted from her position of power?

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What has happened to Kim Yo-Jong? The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had taken up a very prominent role in recent years, but as dialogue efforts with South Korea and the U.S. have faded, so it seems, has her position. Seoul authorities have been working to verify the details of a recent personnel reshuffle in North Korea’s ruling Worker’s Party, with reports suggesting Kim Yo-Jong has been dismissed as a member of the party’s powerful politburo. It seems we should approach this news with caution.
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  1. A nice woman. But she looks like a prisoner at the Buchenwald. I worried about her and the people of this country.

  2. What a great leaders in North Korea. Leaders with integrity. They never bend, nor become puppies..

  3. Whit my respect to the lady Happiness Stop expecting from other one day evryting be ok Wey can chenge past buty we can't start new chapter all my best personal regards,

  4. I'm so in love with KimYojong. Yall better be nice to her and respect all Her decisions

  5. Wud you? I would! Smash that like button if you would!

  6. Brother Kimmy is just jealous of the growing popularity of his gorgeous sister

  7. I’m getting nukey-wukey uwu vibes from her

  8. She looks very stressed out and her eyes says a lot, she’s been through a lot in her past … I don’t think she looks evil, she does look serious asf, not someone to mess with 💯 but ngl I low key want Kim jung Un to K.O to see his sister become the new dictator

  9. I love how this proves the point of “Nobody takes female leaders seriously”

    Well, maybe not the Queen of England. That’s because she’s immortal.

  10. Maybe Kim Jong UN sister….🙊🙉🙈…😱!!!

  11. She looks new and old at same time

  12. I can't deny that she is pretty and sexy but scary in the same time.

  13. how did their parents call them to dinner?

    Kim, Kim, Kim come down dinner time

    (yes i know Kim is their last name)

  14. Good… North Korea Like…

  15. If she doesn’t do what he says I wonder if he will kill her

  16. She’s always so attentive to her brother.

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