Harry Jowsey Speaks On His Breakup With Francesca Farago From 'Too Hot To Handle' At BOA Steakhouse

HarryJowsey Speaks On His Breakup With #FrancescaFarago From #TooHotToHandle At BOA Steakhouse 7.18.20 – TheHollywoodFix SUBSCRIBE To Our …

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  1. when did harry get this famouse i remember he was only on netfix

  2. What does that girl even say after I already got a picture with u and like Geabgshsjab

  3. what does that girl say i got a picture with u and what does she say after that

  4. The fact that he asked if they had masks and told them to put their masks on has me literally unwell……my dream man he's so sweet and thoughtful and smart and caring😭

  5. HARRY JOWSEY💯😍😍😍🥺

  6. harry is too IMMATURE to handle

  7. idk i just don’t like him. it’s something about him

  8. Gee thanks for the advice ? Put a mask on lmao profound shit right there

  9. «  I’m trynna to find a gf » lmfao🤣🤣🤣

  10. harry should join sway

  11. No i already got a picture with you”

  12. Who cares dude

  13. The „naughty possum“ at the end got me hahahahhah

  14. Why are they always at that say exact restaurant

  15. ask nessa what happened with mads please

  16. Am I the only one who thought they were ugly together. Just me… okay.

  17. Damn that girl making me mad wdf .

  18. Harry got so embarrassed by that girl lmao

  19. Someone needs to drag that girl that’s always there.

  20. He is so nice and chill

  21. Why the heck is the gurl always there like who cares about you MOVEEEEEE we need da TEAAAAAA

  22. “I already got a photo with you” i felt so bad like, the more the merrier gz

  23. The girl that was like I already got a selfie with you sorry, if I was her I was to get another selfie LMAO

  24. harry said he couldn't do long distance then literally moves to LA the next week. also he cheated on her

  25. I don’t like him

  26. lil huddy in the car lololol

  27. Brooo 0:54 the girll “no i already got a picture with you” harry was like 😔🙂

  28. They were my favorite couple on too hot to handle! I wish they didn’t break up

  29. The one girl who wants to get famous and be on every video

  30. Why did you lie and say she kissed you jk jk love you and the show

  31. i can’t with that one girl- SHES LITERALLY ALWAYS THERE DAMNIT

  32. Isn’t that the girl who thinks she’s the main character?

  33. I have no idea who these people are 👁👄👁

  34. They broke up 😔😭

  35. What wait i thought they were getting married

  36. Why u uploading so late it 1am. OH WAIT NVM ITS LA ITS 12 OVER THERE OOPS

  37. Why people post at 3 am like what the

  38. The fans wanna know
    The fans wanna know
    The fans wanna know
    The fans wanna know
    The fans wanna know
    The fans wanna know

    What u do on the weekend

  39. Next time ask Blake Gray if he is dating Noah Beck

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