Ha Jung Woo's Kakao messages with plastic surgery clinic doctor revealed

Ha Jung Woo’s Kakao messages with plastic surgery clinic doctor revealed
Actor Ha Jung Woo’s representatives have released Kakao messages between him and his doctor. The actor is under suspicion of illegally using Propofol. His representatives have since denied these claims and stated that the drug was used as anesthesia for scar laser treatments. They have further released Kakao message conversations between Ha Jung Woo and the doctor to Channel A News that reads as follows: Doctor: I think our biggest focus is your scars. Please come to the office three times within 10 days of the procedure. Ha Jung Woo: I think my biggest homework is addressing these scars.Doctor: How is your face? Please note that dead skin may start to peel off.Ha Jung Woo: My face is very red.The messages date back to February of 2019. According to Ha Jung Woo’s representatives, these messages are proof that the actor only participated in skin treatment while at the clinic. They have further explained that the actor “made appointments via test so we don’t know which name the hospital put him under for his treatment” after it was revealed that Ha Jung Woo’s appointments were made under his brother’s name.What do you think of the evidence? 


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