Ha Jung Woo tops the brand value ranking for movie stars in August + Joo Ji Hoon and…

Ha Jung Woo tops the brand value ranking for movie stars in August + Joo Ji Hoon and Lee…
Ha Jung Woo is the top movie star in terms of brand value for August.According to the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, Ha Jung Woo (‘Along With the Gods’) was at the top of the August data, followed by Joo Ji Hoon (‘Along With the Gods’, ‘The Spy Gone North’) and Lee Sung Min (‘The Spy Gone North’, ‘The Witness’). 209,364,728 pieces of data were examined from July 24 to August 25. Ha Jung Woo had a total of 10,557,972 points, while Joo Ji Hoon had 8,741,657 points and Lee Sung Min had 7,795,459 points.What’s interesting is that all the values all the values multiplied exponentially since June, when the last movie star brand values were calculated. Ha Jung Woo’s value almost quintupled, Joo Ji Hoon’s value was multiplied by over 10 times, and Lee Sung Min’s value was multiplied over 11 times. The total value itself was raised by almost double.The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation reported that the success of summer movies such as ‘Along With the Gods’, ‘The Spy Gone North’, and ‘The Witness’ heavily influenced the increased data, especially because ‘Along With the Gods’ became a 10-million-moviegoer movie. In fact, the top 3 actors are part of the main cast of at least 1 of each of the three. Congratulations to all three actors.
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