[GTA VCS Tutorial] How to listen to your own music

okey for all guys who still dont get how to download the program: – move your mouse cursor over the internet explorer on your desktop(or somewhere else, …

Nguồn: https://epicentreconcerts.org/

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  1. How do you have movable icon. With the pivot stickfigure animator???

  2. yo badman thanks for da tip in da description yo i mean it helped me peace

  3. Fuck .. . i searched up porn instead of EAC

  4. @Nille006 im witness that its a lie..u have to convert the files to wav then put them on EAC. i know..long process but it worked..and yes for those using vista..u must turn them into wav files THEN put them on EAC

  5. @Nille006 🙂 maybe..but people say it dont do vista..thats a lie

  6. @Nille006 it worked for me v.v

  7. Thanks a lot man it works =D

  8. haha porn only a jerk off will do dat LOL

  9. oooo ok i will us my other computer that has xp

  10. hey can the program work with windows vista

  11. i getthedivided by zero error on xp lol..

  12. @Nille006 xDD das is doch voll langweilig^^

  13. @Nille006 wie meins du das 🙂

  14. @Nille006,wass?? kein blut??^^ also ich hab blut bei der deutschen version

  15. @Nille006,das hab ich ja gemacht "ules sone nummer und costumtracks" alles richtig aba im spiel steht nicht verfügbar

  16. have the same problem

  17. bei mir erkennt das spiel meine musik nicht 🙁 was tun???

  18. ..awoo..
    i've done it?!!
    all of my hard work..
    i finally had done this..
    awoo.. thnks man..
    any time..
    like phil cassidy used to say it..


    i killed martinez n the mendez bros here..

  19. hey i did all the work and then custom track unavailable why?

  20. does this work for Vista?

  21. I actually found out converting the mp3 to a wav before using EAC solves this problem.

  22. thanks man it worked great

  23. but i cant change the format
    i just see the name
    but there are no .toc
    but i know is TOC…….
    the other day i made it but in the next morning
    the .toc dont was there waaaaa!!!!

  24. wen i drag n drop an mp3 file it say unhandeled excepetoin, (divide by 0) n then it closes, help

  25. It was working for a while but all of a sudden it said that a needed part of it was missing… I didn't touch the folder but it wouldn't work anymore… Can you give me a site?

  26. no, i don't think its becoz of the version, coz i downloaded it many times in different sites but it still freezes, i think its because of my vistamizer, i tried it on anothet pc w/0 vistamizer and it works

  27. why is my converter freezes whenever i start it up?

  28. i did it but for mine it says corrupt data

  29. i tried it.. it cant view the music

  30. NVM IT WORKS…..SORRY!!!!!!!!!


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