40 thoughts on “[GTA VCS Tutorial] How to listen to your own music

  1. @Nille006 im witness that its a lie..u have to convert the files to wav then put them on EAC. i know..long process but it worked..and yes for those using vista..u must turn them into wav files THEN put them on EAC

  2. @Nille006,wass?? kein blut??^^ also ich hab blut bei der deutschen version

  3. @Nille006,das hab ich ja gemacht "ules sone nummer und costumtracks" alles richtig aba im spiel steht nicht verfügbar

  4. ..awoo..
    i've done it?!!
    all of my hard work..
    i finally had done this..
    awoo.. thnks man..
    any time..
    like phil cassidy used to say it..


    i killed martinez n the mendez bros here..

  5. but i cant change the format
    i just see the name
    but there are no .toc
    but i know is TOC…….
    the other day i made it but in the next morning
    the .toc dont was there waaaaa!!!!

  6. It was working for a while but all of a sudden it said that a needed part of it was missing… I didn't touch the folder but it wouldn't work anymore… Can you give me a site?

  7. no, i don't think its becoz of the version, coz i downloaded it many times in different sites but it still freezes, i think its because of my vistamizer, i tried it on anothet pc w/0 vistamizer and it works

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