GTA VCS Theme Cover

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  1. great cover and nice game, actually

  2. Rip Victor Vance

  3. Victor vance didnt die on gta vice city
    I camw from the place and saw no bodies
    He respawned at the nearest hospital

  4. Get out of vice and the girl lives and two my car

  5. Vic vance in 1984: You cant push me
    Vic vance in 1986: You can push me now

  6. Descanza en paz vic vance

  7. R.i.p victor Vance on vice city

  8. R.ip victor vance
    Died in gta vice city

  9. Victor vance is my favorite character in gta vice city stories

  10. This was the first GTA I played on the PSP and sadly he died at vice city, RIP Victor Vance

  11. Who you like more??
    Vic or tommy

    I love vic

  12. Good bye victor vance 😭😭😭

  13. 1 minuto silence for Victor Vance

  14. Parese rola de noticiero la verdaa😂😂😂🤣🤣

  15. Vice city stories was in the 1984 in Vice city it is 1986 when he died

  16. Nostalgia at its finest!!!

  17. Ohhh shiiiit -Vance brothers

  18. R.I.P victor Vance he died on vice city 2002

  19. Te recordaremos víctor vance

  20. Vice city stories song is cool !!!!!

  21. I found my psp and played vice city 😭 haven’t played it in Maybe a decade !!!

  22. song honored to Victor Vance
    R.I.P Victor Vance.???? – 1986

  23. in the beloved memory of victor vance

  24. First gta i is have, gta lcs

  25. He is from New York?

  26. Victor 1984 😆😆

    Victor 1986 🪦

  27. Другая гта вайсити классный музон

  28. Victor Vance a legend
    Killed by Diaz

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