33 thoughts on “GTA VCS: 100% CHECKLIST / GUIDE [+BEST Order of Completion]

  1. Maybe I'm stupid, but I still don't really understand how to avoid that empire glitch. I'm still right after the "Taking Out the White-Trash" mission, but I'm afraid that later on in the storyline I will overlook something and all my effort towards 100% will be destroyed.

  2. Well to be fair if there was a mobile port somebody would be able to port it as a mod and we can play VCS that way SO HOPE VCS GETS SOMETHING NEXT YEAR.

  3. I have 100%-ed this game twice. First time with your very informative walk-through videos and second time on my own.
    All videos are nice with good editing, good quality and understandable english VO comments of yours. As a non-english person I can understand what you talk easily without subs.
    However, complaints about how worst this game is and how bad controls are tend to be quite annoying sometimes.
    I got your point what things you dislike about this game and I have dealt with it but, to be honest, I disagree in about 50% of these cases. Some boring sub-missions exist in every GTA game and mean nothing to me. Fun fact: while I have played VCS several times; I played VC only once. In VC I completed only main story missions, then de-installed the game. Yes, it was that boring to me, so I doubt I am going to play it ever again.
    Also I am a "console player" thus I have no problems with VCS controls at all, even with manual aim, drive-by or flying a Hunter. Because of that I probably will never understand how controls of LCS and VCS could be considered bad.

  4. This is the hardest GTA game to complete at 100% because you have to use a controller and the side missions are stupid and boring. The empire assets were pretty cool though.

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