Grady Diangana Is Too Hot To Handle

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  1. So West Ham decided not to handle him any more

  2. What have West Hamm actually done?!? Such a dumb decision to sell an exciting and promising player of his caliber..

  3. Absolute baller. West Ham made a huge mistake by selling him

  4. 11mil well Slav looks like Christmas came early

  5. Wow this guy is absolute baller now I understand what the hype of him leaving was about

  6. You could see this lad go for £60m in 2 years time. West Ham are such idiots.

  7. So… put him in the fpl team?🤔🤔

  8. Sold this player for just 12M?, What are the Board smoking at West Ham?

  9. Baller. The Baggies have pulled off a masterstroke getting this lad in. Going to look out for some of their matches.

  10. Can’t wait to see him play for West Ham… I mean brom

  11. I'm a West Ham fan and we are up in Arms over how are scumbag owners sold him even when when David Moyes wanted to keep him. This lad definitely has talent I'm pretty sure he's going to take there are Premiership a like this season so West Brom have got their self a great player on the cheap

  12. If west Brom had better strikers last year, he would have had double his assist tally, maybe even knocking on 15.

  13. he got the cheat code for dribbling to much but never losing the ball

  14. Run fast to catch me, but keep your legs closed.

  15. Man City fan here. This kid is very special indeed. I Have a soft spot for West Ham and I’m pretty disgusted they let him go best of luck at West Brom he will be a star. Mark my words.Would love to see him at city he’s an upgrade on Sane

  16. he is that skillful, makes the video looks like it was acted

  17. You have a real gem there boys, this sale has angered our fans so much, & makes no sense, this is why we despise our board, he will be a world class player & be worth triple in a year or two easily, probably more, good luck for the season you have a great set up especially with Bilic & Dicks ⚒

  18. If this guy work on his end product jeez he will be a frightening player to play against

  19. Can’t believe West Ham sold him, what’s the reasoning behind it???

  20. Left footed Sancho, West Ham are a weird weird club for selling a potential world beater like this kid.

    Grady – Mason – Jadon

    Front 3 for England for the foreseeable future. Can't go wrong with this. England have been lacking technical players for such a long time, now they've abundance of them, have to make use of it. They can go far with this.

  21. Cannot believe we have sold him, an absolutely disgraceful decision.

  22. Welcome Back to WBA Grady what a player Boing Boing!!!

  23. ready to tear up the wolves defence next year

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