Did you have a guy ghost you and disappear…only for him to suddenly REAPPEAR and text you out of the blue months after ghosting you? Here’s WHY guys do that, and how to respond when a ghoster returns!

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35 thoughts on “GHOSTING: What To Do When A Guy GHOSTS YOU And Then Suddenly Reappears! | Shallon Lester

  1. Men have to control its part of their nature, when they cant control you or the situation, they retreat like cowards plain and simple its immature so move on its not worth your time.

  2. I adore you really, I follow you and I like your humor and the advices you give, but I froze when you said that stuff about BPD. How can you talk like that about disorders when you said you are a Narsissist? (which is, according to psychologists, the n°1 no come back personality disorder. BPDs are aware of the damage they cause, therefore can work on themselves. Narcissist aren't, most of times they believe it's others who are being wrong, not them). Just saying, that you may be hurting your viewers, good people with BPD working on themselves or family members of a person with BPD, with your unnecessary commentary on these kind of subjects, (but I see how being a narsissist, you may lack empathy) not to mention that you are not a specialist on this and need to do some research .

  3. my ghoster came back after 2 yrs of ghosting me… I'm an aries.. needless to say… I didn't let him get away with his sh*t. Unlike him, I'm not a coward. I'm not afraid to say what's on my mind, no matter how hard the conversation is. Yes, I'm nice. Yes, he's hot. But the minute you hurt me, I am cold ASF and I no longer care if I hurt his fragile ego when he needs it to be validated the most. Nope. Just because he's bored and hit a dry spell DOES NOT mean he NOW feels it's the right time to apologize, is he crazy?? Silence doesn't serve justice for me. You play with fire you get BURNED. I'm nice… until you realize you lost that f*cking right. And that's when you know you're a really REALLY shitty person, for making even a nice person cold towards you.

  4. I know youve probably had comments like this already but BPD is a very difficult disorder to manage and is triggered (unfortunately) by relationships. People with BPD aren’t bad people but have experienced so much childhood trauma that it results in extreme behaviours in adulthood. Anyway BPD is definatley not ‘the worst’ disorder and saying that will only promote the stigma surrounding it. Yes in terms of relationships it has a really bad affect but so does narcissism or really any disorder. Just make sure to be mindful as BPD already has so much stigma attached to it. Thank you and love the video otherwise, very funny and insightful xx

  5. The worst is when they ghost you and you work in the same job. How pathetic! ha ha ha! Great tips!

  6. You should do a video about when it’s good to ghost a guy. I just ghosted a guy I really liked, but he was manipulative af, I thought he did good things for me but he was bad talking about me behind my back, tbh I felt bad when I started rejecting his calls, he then starting playing the victim card but I tried to be strong and I ignored him for the rat he is.

  7. My last major love-bomb incident played out exactly as you described. I'm also batshit insane so you actually killed this video. Nice job, seriously.

  8. Ladies do not and I repeat do not allow a man back into your life that ghosted you . I did this and guess what he ghosted me again fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me

  9. I thought it turned women on to get ghosted,, thats why we do it! I mean the opposite of that didnt work so we try this

  10. This happened to me today..the guy sent me his taxi journey from uber, I wasn't sure if something was wrong or he just text me in error. I tried to contact him, can see he's read my messages but he wont confirm, I left it a few hours…just sent him a voice note checking he was okay and said if I dont hear from him by tomorrow night, it's all good and I'll delete his number. I wished him the best, was nice and calm….feel amazing!
    I'm not even gonna respond if he gets in touch….silence is the way forward. 👸

  11. Ur sitting there talking bout how hot the guys r that pump u and dump u. My bad ghosting. The guys that u women love to hang on and throw urself at is the pump and dump guys. I don't understand why u can't c this coming. But y'all love this type lifestyle

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