GET HIM TO COMMIT TO YOU: What Men Like Leonardo DiCaprio & George Clooney Want To Settle Down!

Having trouble getting a guy to commit to you? Using love lessons from Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating life and endless bachelorhood and tell you WHY guys don’t want to get married, and if you can change his mind!

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  1. This video is exactly why I love and respect shallon so much

  2. Just get a toy and avoid being played! Lol

  3. I respect the fact she speaks truth and natrual🥰

  4. Let's feel like a muffin in this thing. LOL!!!

  5. Just be feminine, pleasant to be around and not fat. That alone will place you far ahead of the vast majority of women since their quality has decreased to all-time low levels.

  6. I know this was posted a year ago, but I love you Shallon. Just wanted to say that. You're a blessing and I wish you were my friend❤

  7. Can we learn something from Leo's change of heart ( since this year he took his GF to the Oscars)???

  8. Around the age of 50, playboys often slip from cool playboy to just pathetic aging lethario. Like Warren Beatty. He reached a point of just 🤮

  9. She def didnt make out with one of them. Shes so full of shit. She also supposedly made out with harry styles and had a song by panic at the disco written about her🙄

  10. Yes. There was a brick wall. Spent a long time chip chip chipping away. For what? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. Good advice, even for a 43 year old!

  12. Im a straight black male in/from nyc. You should know you're funny Shallon. Good content.

  13. I am a Meredith so should I take this as good news? 🤔

  14. It’s weird to think that, at 25, I’m too old for Leonardo DiCaprio. 🙄😂 not that I’m bothered, I’m more of a Joaquin Phoenix girl 😍💁🏼‍♀️😛

  15. dude u look quite mature ..u look about 45 ….u are in ur twenties??? my goddd.. ….do some thing out may be ?

  16. Have fun and play the field until you meet an amazing babe guy that chases you. It shouldn't take a guy several years to commit to you. Personally, if a guy is not into me then I get bored so quickly and start seeing a new guy pronto 😂

  17. Leo's love life disgust me honestly. Also the guy I like is 26 so that doesn't sound good😂

  18. Scary age??? Lol my mom married my dad at 19… I’m 27 now 😢 and never had a bf ever. (Not stressing cause marriage doesn’t define me but I do get pressure from family… worse for my sis who is about a year and half older)

  19. Her name is probably Meredith 😂😂

  20. Ugh I ended up on the wrong planet. This world is all about breeding like two slimy ugly organs spewing sludge on each.

  21. I've been loving your videos. Side note: Your nails are awesome.

  22. Leo said in a magazine interview a long time ago (in like the 90s) that he doesn't sympathize with the highly emotional roles he plays, and he "doesn't really feel things". LOL classic socio?

  23. This isn’t really a current show but could u do aria and Ezra from pretty little liars bcos that’s would be so interesting

  24. He is going to meet someone that will wreck his heart

  25. Guy's perspective: The question "Why won't he commit?" is based on a faulty premise. The same one as "Why won't she sleep with me?".

    Either question betrays a presumption on the questioner's part. As if the natural state of things is for some other person to sleep with you, or commit to you, and anything other than that is an aberration onto nature that needs to be rectified. This is a delusion. A person's isn't owed commitment or sex: it isn't theirs to take, it's the other person's to give.

    "Why won't [x] commit?" and "Why won't [x] sleep with me?" come down to one thing: because the people around you have their own will, and do not exist solely for the purpose of fulfilling your desire, be it sexual, emotional, professional etc.

    New fan here. Love your content.

  26. I thought it was because Leo's first real love was Kate Winslet if he can't have her well then whats the point

  27. You are cringey as hell. Holy shit the amount of cringe in this video is almost coma inducing.

  28. Good info. (Btw you said their names-Leo)

  29. He can do what he wants but I would rather be alone forever than be the one he “settles down” with. He needs to shed his skin like a cicada

  30. i just find out about your channel and I LOVE IT!

  31. You made out with one of them????? Which one?? God I’m dying to know

  32. The reason he struggles to be In a relationship is because he was surrounded by pedophiles as a kid
    It’s very sad

  33. I agree I'm sick of fuck boys, players, married men, and emotionally unavailable guys. It seems the norm for men to just want to play around and never fall in love and settle down. It's just the good looking men are the ones with all the options and are brick walls, the ones who want love and relationships are ugly, old, beta, or there is just no chemistry. It's been a nightmare that's why I'm 49 and still single never married no kids. I always want the one guy I cannot have.

  34. Leo must feel like he has "no soul", with his lifestyle being so promiscuous and living such a shallow existence. When he is 60 or 70 do you think he will regret it? Do you think he may believe he has wasted his life? Unsure…..

  35. Clooney is the Hollywood political A Lister who purports to stick up for refugees "everyone should welcome them into their homes", while he sits in his Hollywood fortress with the wall around it to keep the aliens out. He is so misguided.

  36. George Clooney was married prior and the divorce devastated him. He said he would never marry again. He meets Amal and she might have said, I don't want a relationship that's going nowhere. He might have changed his mind because she stood up for herself but if she hadn't …they might not be married. Warren Beaty an old movie star married really late in life. Everyone said he'd never get married or have children. But he met and married Annette Benning and had numerous children with her. Again, she might have stood up for herself. Or he might have said, I'll marry when I'm 60.

  37. I’ve always been curious about what went down between Emma Roberts and Evan peters, they were together for awhile and then Emma bit him?

  38. Both are so completely over rated in the looks dept! Leo is an amazing actor, but really? Clunky is TOTALLY gay! If they worked in the local newsagent shop would you still?

  39. I was thinking 50. leo is the man

  40. old black women love morgan freeman. his voice is hot stuff. he can still get suked off lol

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