George Nguyen: Startup eco-system and the overview | hướng dẫn quyết toán thuế thu nhập cá nhân 2016

George will talk about the startup insight and current difficulties as well as tips to boots up startup’s growth.
George is an experienced Executive Director across industries and currently consulting for ICOs who want to go global with safe legal and good strategy. He’s a business entrepreneur currently mentoring a number of startups in Vietnam. George is opened for any investment/business invitation.
Title / Company: 2359 Media/ Country Manager
Title / Company: Google Developers Group/ Founder
Title / Company: Underground Agency Network/ Mentor-Advisor
Communities: Google Developers Group, Underground Agency Network, Startups Accelerators
Specialties: ICO Consulting, Management & Strategy Consulting & Digital Marketing Advising
✅ Topic: Startup eco-system and the overview
✅ Speaker: George Nguyen
✅ Presentation:
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