Future 2NE1 (4 years later)

Future 2NE1 (4 years later)
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  1. Fromis_9 Seoyeon 🐼🐼🐼
    1:45 Our baby panda she's so pretty ❤️

  2. Stop act like BP don't deserve to debut at all. They also work hard for this shit, dude. Be respectful and stop comparing. even 2ne1 support them and who the fck are you to judge them ? If you don't like BP or even 2ne1 just stop watching two of them. What a crazy immature people ')

  3. blackpink is not blackpink without jisoo,jennie,rose and lisa. don’t compare blackpink with them bcs you don’t know who will debut next time


  5. Give jennie more opportunities and let her out of the dungeon where she hasn’t had a job in over a year ✌️

  6. YG: "Ok girls, you will be the Future 2NE1…"

    Future 2NE1: 😍😘🤩😚

    YG: "…in DUNGEON!"

  7. Seriously this girls gave their 6,4,4,3, of their lives and hardworked 24/7 like a machine nonstop without having any ideas that what will happen in future ….. I stan queens !

  8. But also these girls are so cool how can they dance like this at age of 12 im 12 but i don't dance like this •-•

  9. 1:30 jisoo and rosé not knowing they will become the biggest girl group in the whole kpop industry or world🤧❤ but theive trained hard so they deserve it💅❤

  10. i just notice it ,, thx to YG that i see this ,,, they are so talented if it is very hard dancing steps❤️😯

  11. this was 8 years ago? so they’re 20 and 21 years old now? hope they debut soon tho

  12. Black pink in ur area always

  13. The fact that these girl are already in their 20's since this was 8 years ago

  14. Wait…Was that jennie at the back sitting? Wait wait..did they train (blackpink) together with them (2ne1)??

    Edit: TF IT IS THEM! Damn…
    They all were trainin hard and Who knew they (BP&2NE1) wold be the biggest AND I MEAN THE BIGGEST K-POP GROUPS OF THIS TIME❤︎
    Blackpink be like sittin there not knowing they'd be the BIGGEST KPOP GGROUP OF OUR TIME and damn they're the BEST☺︎︎

    Edit: If they trained together..Then…they age the same?
    And who knows, the next, also biggest kpop ggroup after blackpink is also sittin there? Maybe? Hmm

  15. Saben que les pasó a estás chicas?:"((

  16. Omg I just notice Jisoo watching them Jisoo so beautiful

  17. In 0:35 lisa might be there , the tall one

  18. Me who is 12 watching this: 👁👄👁 damn I still look like a stick when dancing-

  19. 8 years later, 2ne1 is still 2ne1

  20. Wow, what Talented girls dancing and singing! 💘

  21. 1:28 there is Jisoo, Rose, Lisa, Jennie

  22. such good trainees under a trashy company smh

  23. ok and what happened with future 2NE1 now

  24. this posted on 2012 which means rose just joined yg at that year, woh….

  25. its been 8 years are they still in the basement? (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  26. I mean where are they now???

  27. I’m waiting……

  28. If you are watching this hundred years later
    Congrats you are living till then

  29. not yall talking about blackpink here
    thats kinda disrespectful
    these girls slaying talk about them ffs

  30. The fact that BLACKPINK is sitting there without knowing they will become the Biggest GirlGroup of the world.

  31. Did y'all saw Jennie,Jisoo,Lisa,&Rosè👁👄👁

  32. Woww, They are so good! But For me There is no future 2NE1, Yes they are very good, but no one can really beat 2NE1.😉 STILL QUEENS👑❤️

  33. ─────▄───▄

  34. _________$$____________$$
    __$__$$$$$ $__$__$__$_$$$$$__$

  35. YG: FUTURE 2NE1 (4 years later)
    4 years later: blACKPINK IN YOUR AREA and oh btw 2ne1 is disbanding hehe

  36. They're probably gonna debut under babymonsters unless they left SM


  38. The pinks sitting there not knowing that they'll be the best girl group in a few years though 💖✨✨✨

  39. For me, not yet ready to be debut that girls. As you can see the stag of the girls are no totally complete. That's why the YG prepare the battlefield of this new generation k-pop girls…

  40. If only PINKPUNK was born🤔. You YG rat.🙄

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