[FULL ALBUM] The King Eternal Monarch OST + SCORE || 더 킹 : 영원의 군주 OST

Enjoy full album 35 tracks from The King Eternal Monarch ( 더 킹 : 영원의 군주) OST + Original Score

Lyrics + English Translation:

Track List
01. I Just Want To Stay With You – Zion.T 00:00
02. Orbit – Hwasa 03:27
03. Gravity – Kim Jong Wan 06:33
04. Maze – YONGZOO 09:42
05. I Fall In Love – Ha Sung Woon 13:25
06. Please Don’t Cry – Davichi 17:14
07. You Can’t Stop It From Bloomming – Sunwoojunga 21:09
08. Dream – Paul Kim 24:39
09. Heart Break – Gaeko & Kim Na Young 28:49
10. My Day Is Full Of You – ZICO, WENDY 31:56
11. My Love – Gummy 35:37
12. Quiet Night – Hwang Chiyeul 39:55
13. You’re My End and My Beginning – Kim Jae Hwan & Lim Han Byul 43:40
14. Title of The King 47:55
15. The King 48:47
16. The Fantasia of Another Dimension 52:26
17. Empire 54:26
18. Another World 58:19
19. The King Slayer 1:01:46
20. Imperial 1:04:36
21. Empire Theme 1:07:20
22. Prime Minister 1:10:43
23. King’s Story 1:13:36
24. Into the Fantasy 1:16:27
25. Not Dead 1:18:46
26. My Love and… 1:22:06
27. Progress 1:25:03
28. The Day 1:28:40
29. Where Has She Been? 1:32:38
30. Hydrangea 1:35:10
31. Fury 1:38:29
32. Hold On 1:40:51
33. Luna 1:44:03
34. Parallel World 1:46:47
35. The War Is Over 1:49:40

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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay OST:

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  1. Woah, this has a lot of soundtrack than what I expected ✊❤️

  2. Me encantó la serie el es muy lindo y hacia una buena química con su pareja y los temas musicales acuerdo a la historia quedé absolutamente enamorada de está historia y sus personajes felicidades.

  3. I love all the song in TKEM…amazing…❤️❤️❤️

  4. De los mejores Ost del 2020, The King eternal monarch es una de las series más bellas que he visto, los actores son fantásticos❤️

  5. Lindas ♥️♥️

  6. Los temas hermosas la serie realmente bueno felicitaciones a los actores muchas bendiciones

  7. 55:40 Empire me hizo recordar al soundtrack de Outlander, otra serie hermosa que me encanta.

  8. had hard time to find "into the fantasy" tbh! 😀 Thank you for sharing 🙂

  9. I don’t know why but listening with this track makes my heart so lonely..My heart and mind remember the hard time of Tae Eul and Lee Gon ..TKEM is the best… ❤️..I’m a big fun of Lee Min Ho😍😍..A very strong impact of character in TKEM..Love will always find its way,a love that is willing to wait and sacrifice

  10. Love the drama as well as the ost and bgm. ✌✌❤❤

  11. I can’t find clock n rabbit ost. You know the one where in ep1 Lee Gon runs after Luna. And also I can’t find the one where in ep2 or ep3 Yeong is in Lee Gon’s study and says what has been added to you. That music was so awesome. These two GM 8 can’t find.

  12. Beautiful 🙂 Amazing

  13. Love song, i really like song

  14. Thanks for sharing, love it so much⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐❤❤❤

  15. Excelente música una obra maestra .Un clásico melodía que hace viajar a esa tierras mágicas con esa historia fantástica gracias por crearla

  16. Me encanta, gracias por ponerlo a nuestras disposición, la banda sonora fantástica.🤩🤩🤗

  17. Thank you so so much for this full and complete soundtrack of TKEM. I love the music of this show. Cant get enough of the music and the show. Watched it on Netflix over and over again. I sure hope there's going to be a season 2. Lee Minho and Kim Go Eun are perfect for each other. Minho is the eternal King of Korean Drama.

  18. I love this soundtrack! I play it through out the day.

  19. 11, 13 and 26 are my favorite. Keep on repeat those 3 since its released. They become the most played in my list. But not gonna lie all ost in this drama are the masterpiece.

  20. does anybody know where the background music played during their first "date" in the palace is in the album?

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