Firearms Expert Reacts To Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the iconic weaponry of Call of Duty: Black Ops …


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  2. This guy is really cool bring him back for more

  3. Hot dogs, horseshoes and handgrenades?

  4. Petition for Gun Jesus and Johnathan Ferguson to make a video together

  5. Yo 007 agent under fire let’s you switch on the spas between pump and semi

  6. 0:39 – It looks like a matte painting. … awesome!

  7. Wish I watched this video before wasting 60 bucks on Cold war

  8. This guy is the coolest.

  9. I’m not sure why he thinks that the SPAS-12 should have both firing modes despite the fact that you’re always going to choose semi auto to get the most kills out of it. Plus it only has the interchangeable modes for different cartridges, if it doesn’t have enough force the gun can’t cycle. So if you’re always using a shell with enough back pressure you never need the pump action mode.

  10. The 1911 is actually a commander 1911 design hence the smaller trigger and rounder backguard

  11. Can this guy help make guns for cod to balance the guns in a realistic way? Please one of the cod studios needs to hire this dude

  12. John Reacts to Weapons Half-Life Please

  13. The only thing that bugs me, is when they're in the *SECRET UNDERGROUND BASE*, this guy claims they didn't have one. How the sweet fuck would anyone know if it was completely top secret?

  14. The KGB did have an "American Town" in the USSR for training purposes. Google Vinnytsia.

  15. The first ever Red Dot Sight was made in 1974 fun fact

  16. "IMPOSSIBLE, I HAVE THE ONLY COPY OF THAT WEAPON EVER MADE!" is something I expect at any moment watching videos with this man in them.

  17. The reason why it was a 1911 is because cold war was rushed if they took more time they would've added a Makarov or something else

  18. The US actually did send weapons including thompson smg, 1911 etc to USSR as part of the lend lease

  19. the pump action setting is mainly used for non lethal rounds since they dont have enough blowback to rechamber

  20. Hmm. I live about 10 miles from where about this guy works. Might have to visit it sometime soon given this video

  21. Did anyone tell him you can put a 12 round mag on the magnum?

  22. Hate that they renamed all the weapons

  23. The KSP-45 would’ve been a real head scratcher.

  24. He dropped the colt 1911 when he was ragged inside the Russian troop was holding a different gun

  25. I wonder what things would be like if we were still allowed to bear firearms, i'm thinking empire 2.0 lol just joking, i think they would help to sort certain issues out though.

  26. My own slight annoyance at game SPAS shotguns is the fact that most of the games don't unfold the fuckin stock. Yeah, it looks certainly "iconinc" , but god dammit it makes ironsights unusable

  27. The building that looks unrealistic, is a real live antenna of early warning rader from the Soviet missile defense. I believe that it's somewhere near Moscow.

  28. should definitely look at some of the camo variations of some guns in multiplayer would love to see his reaction to the little comrade

  29. The depiction of the SPAS-12 has always been semi-auto in the Black Ops games.
    However, in the Modern Warfare series, the SPAS-12 is pump-action

  30. Hi god bless have a good one

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