Fall Idioms to Help Build Your Vocabulary 🍁

Fall is my favorite time of year. So let’s talk about some idioms related to this spectacular season that you can use in everyday conversation. This will help you build your vocabulary and take your fluency to the next level.
Here’s the list of idioms from the lesson.
1) turn over a new leaf
2) the autumn years
3) to drive (someone) nuts
4) to feel under the weather
5) neck of the woods
6) not out of the woods
7) shaking like a leaf
8) to get wind of (something)
9) the apple of (someone’s) eye
10) cold turkey
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  2. I also get my daughter this year. I know how happy you are.

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  13. Oh, and now I can understand why there's a movie named :"You Are The Apple Of My Eyes", thanks a lot

  14. I really enjoyed this video because it reminded me I have to turn over a new leaf if I desire improve my English

  15. Sir, where do you live in? I mean fall is very beautiful there .

  16. "Would love to" means I indeed happy with your performance or work.

  17. Please let me know this "would Love to " means I really gonna like you.

  18. Oi meu amigo tudo bem

  19. I feel under the wether when I think about my future.

  20. Amazing lesson as always ! and you have an adorable daughter God bless ! 😃

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    Thanks for sharing them .
    Hope u keep doing ur good job

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