Exposing Shallon Lester PART 2

Important parts of a few YouTubers explaining Shallon Lester and her toxic, fact-less YouTube videos (Part 3 is coming) Dangelo Wallace’s video: …

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  1. I actually didn't like D'Angelo's video. He doesn't actually provide any counterproof to what Shallon is saying. For instance, 14:30 – so how do YOU know that it was a lie?

  2. Shallon Lester is ugly because she is full of hate.

  3. I randomly came across your channel watching other channels covering this garbage human and I’m pretty stoked I did. Very well said and those of us who have been through that really dark shit completely agree with you. 💜

  4. People need to report her content. 110% unacceptable

  5. Can you imagine that all the hate she has for herself she projects onto other people. It is a great material to analyze how narcissist behave – zero self awareness, gaslighting, hatred and shame. Her channel is insane but very informative about how to spot a narcissist.

  6. You also forgot to mention how she enforces gender roles and stereotypes (ex: women should never approach guys because men are hardwired as "hunters" and only a fuck boy would allow that and you don't respect yourself if you approach a guy (which enforces a passive role for women), implies only hyper feminine women are worth loving, men can't be emotional – only do things with logical intentions, and that there's something wrong with you if you are a woman with no friends just to name a few).

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