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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 6 Reloaded introduces the Haunting of Verdansk: a 2 week Halloween Update to Call of Duty Warzone. This also brings many new Easter Eggs to Warzone. Haunting of Verdansk Easter Eggs are everywhere, and this video showcases everything you can find. This includes the Warzone Jumpscare Easter Egg, Warzone Saw Easter Egg, Warzone Leatherface Easter Egg, Warzone Ghost Train Easter Egg, Warzone Ghost Easter Egg, Warzone Zombies Easter Egg & more. Call of Duty Warzone Halloween Easter Eggs galore! I hope you enjoy the video, and feel free to use code “DALEK” in the Warzone Store when buying any bundles, blueprints or games. Thank you!

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  1. are we all ignoring the freakin' horror show that is the 'Hospital'?! Go solo, put on headphones and a night lamp near you

  2. The ghost train is also spotted at train station

  3. The ghost around vardansk are just souls of gulag captives

  4. Hey i just found some russian words at the dam
    by the fire station.

  5. The blood floating to the ceiling is definitely not a reference to the Saw movies…like at all…

  6. I think the blood floating upward might be a nightmare on elm street reference

  7. Haven’t watched u in a min I loved your custom zombie map gameplays

  8. Anyone know what the colored cubes are on the walls on certain areas? I found 6 so far I warzone and 2 in Mobilr BR

  9. the souls flying above the prison kind of reminded me of blood of the dead 🙂

  10. So this is barely scratching the surface. But the title is found every easter egg in warzone😕

  11. We need a horror gam by COD, or at least make zombies story a horror easter egg

  12. billy is the best Easter egg

  13. Devs: you know those assets we have from cod ghosts?
    Devs:let’s just use that cuz we are lazy
    Dev:good idea!

  14. I was on top of the train station building opening chests and at one of the chests I see a very physical ghost figure snd the ghost had a scythe and it creeped me out😂

  15. 6:00 thats thomas the tank engine lel

  16. Damn your channel died

  17. I cant believe they took out night trios really disappointing

  18. Ghostbusters is not a horror movie by the way lol

  19. How in the video it says 2.5 million subs when you actually have 2.4 haha

  20. You can find the ghosts everywhere

  21. Modern warfare shoulda got zombies

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