21 thoughts on “Dennis Rodman North Korea Visit: Basketball Star to Ask Kim Jong Un to Free Imprisoned American

  1. I have no problem with him visiting South Korea…..But i DO have a problem with him visiting north Korea??? Wtf???

  2. Ok I just watched the basketball ball game it was fake the Americans pretend played lol 😂 it was hysterical 😭

  3. I know this is old news but these rich fucks have no morals at all! Rodman here would shake hands with a terrorist leader!

  4. just wonder how would rodman felt if he was imprisoned in some of the kim s political prison like many others koreans

  5. we use other nations as scapegoats just as much as other nations use america and the jews as the scapegoats. yet they can no more prove their cases 99% of the time as america. face it, they are no better than america moraly, they just are not rich as america. and if we are so weak and cowardly, why is everyone so pissed off about us fighting wars? so what are we? war mongers or cowards? cant be both as much as your propaganda you swallow would like you to think. because that would be an oximoron

  6. Using other nations as "scape goats" for your serious short-comings is no excuse. The assumption I made I stick by, because for a nation that is "suppose to be the best", you sure prove on a daily basis just how weak and cowardly you are; all talk-no substance or mettle. As the Chinese used to say about amerika…"Paper Tigers".

  7. as if over-paid court jesters dont run EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY on this planet. if your gonna point fingers, do it at everybody. if not, then its propaganda.

  8. Rodman is an idiot, he's being used as a propaganda tool by Korea, Rodman probably wants to get into politics but is too stupid

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