Đen – Anh Đếch Cần Gì Nhiều Ngoài Em ft. Vũ., Thành Đồng | M/V

Melody composer: Jet (at Kong)
Prod. Chi Hung
Mix/Master: Trac Ngoc Linh
#ADCGNNE #AnhDechCanGiNhieuNgoaiEm #Den #Vu #ThanhDong

Director: Ong Dong & Ba Huong
Cinematographer: Anh Doan
Producer: Linh Vu
Gaffer: Ha Hoang
Production Assistant: Tra Myy, Fank
Camera Assistant: Tan No, Maico
Talent: Ha Hoang, Maico, Link
Script Writer: Wildelp
MUA & Hair: Tuu Tuu
Stylist: Mikami Morito
Costume: CBC
Editer: Daniel
Colorgrading: Lucy Wong
Behind The Senes: Liu Chen
Camera & Lighting Equipment: Cine Hanoi
Engsub by giginius_

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