Start: 0:00
First Puzzle Phase: 2:45
First Boss Phase: 14:55
Second Puzzle Phase: 18:00
Second Boss Phase: 25:00
Third Puzzle Phase: 29:45
Last Boss Phase: 33:46

Really fun, 10/10. We tried on R1 and wiped at the first boss phase. When you have puzzlers it’s a lot easier.


Nguồn: https://epicentreconcerts.org/

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7 thoughts on “[DDO] Sharn Raid – Too Hot to Handle (Normal)

  1. watching it on live stream I thouhgt this was gonna be impossible to run with PuGs but watching it again all you need is couple people who understan puzzle well rest are on trash. and The leader telling people what to kill

  2. TYVM for posting this new raid, I think you´re first on YT. I´m not a puzzle guy myself (I actually hate them), so one large single room stuffed with puzzles and a lot of spawns don´t look like the most fun raid to me. I guess I´ll stick to my dps role when the time comes.

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