How To Cancel Your Xfinity Service – (2022 Guide)

How To Cancel Your Xfinity Service

unfortunately, cancelling your Xfinity service will take you at least an hour. There are five ways to cancel your Comcast service although calling or chatting is the best way to cancel .
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The 5 Ways To Cancel Your Comcast Service

There are 5 ways to cancel your Xfinity service :

  1. Call Comcast
  2. Chat with Xfnity online
  3. Go to an Xfinity store
  4. Fill out a cancellation request
  5. Maill a cancellation request

To cancel your Xfinity bill over the telephone, call ( 800 ) 934-6489 .
If you ’ vitamin d prefer to cancel your account by chatting on-line, go here .
When you chat with the connect above they ’ ll know that you ’ re trying to cancel and they ’ ll process you better .
Please notice for this choice, you ’ ll need to log into your history and verify your ownership of the servicing before starting the cancellation process .
If you prefer to look a Comcast rep in the eye when you cancel your servicing with them, you can go to a Xfinity memory and cancel there .
You ’ ll necessitate to set up an date unless you ’ rhenium willing to wait for a spot to open up. One benefit of cancelling in store is that you can return your equipment then and there rather than having to mail it second to Comcast subsequently .

Xfinity Cancellation Form Request

You can besides cancel your Xfinity service by filling out a cancellation request on-line or by mailing a cancellation request to Comcast .
here ’ s the link to the Xfinity cancellation request form : hypertext transfer protocol : //
The savoir-faire to mail a cancellation request to is :
Comcast Cable
ATTN : Service Change Requests
1701 JFK Blvd .
Philadelphia, PA 19103
The problem with these cancellation request mailings and forms is that person from Xfinity is going to have to call you to fully cancel your bill .
You ’ ll want to get through all their spiels asking you to stay with the military service .
It ’ mho much better to call or chat with them online.

Cancelling Your Xfinity Service By Phone

To cancel your Comcast service, call option ( 800 ) 934-6489. This number is not the general hold line but the Comcast Savings Department so they know that you ’ re trying to leave and will cater to your needs .
It ’ randomness better to call the Comcast Savings Department because you ’ ll have a shorter halt time and won ’ t need to get transferred to a higher tier agent .
To cancel your Xfinity account, you ’ ll need to get through all of Comcast ’ south spiels to try to convince you to stay .
They ’ re foremost ask why you ’ ra departure and the fastest answer is to say that you ’ re moving out of the country. If you say you ’ re moving to another city, they ’ ll hear to get you to transfer the service to your modern address .
If you say that the bill is excessively high for the services provided, they ’ ll try to give you options to lower the beak and in a final undertake offer to cut your rate by a big come for a couple of months to get you to stay .
Stay the naturally and cancel your report. Get the reference number for your order and find out when your service is scheduled to be turned off. You want to make certain you ’ re not getting charged for another calendar month of military service if you ’ ra not using it at all .
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How To Return Your Xfinity Equipment

  1. Send your equipment back with a prepaid UPS shipping label
  2. Stop by a UPS store
  3. Drop off your equipment at an Xfinity store

There are 3 ways to return your rent equipment
You can return your Xfinity equipment on your own by going to https : // Go through the steps on the web site and print out the embark pronounce .
once your rent equipment is packed, you can either drop off the box anywhere UPS shipments are accepted or call 1-800-PICK-UPS to schedule an at-home pitch .
Stopping by a UPS store is even easier. You just bring the equipment to the store and they precisely pack and send it for you .
They ’ ll besides give you a physical receipt and a traverse count so you can check that your equipment has been delivered .
The final way to return your equipment is to drop it off at a Comcast serve center. They ask you to make an date but we found that you can just walk in and wait for a copulate of minutes .
Our recommendation is to just drop off your equipment at a UPS shop. You ’ re going to need to drop it off somewhere if you do it on your own and it ’ s a little awkward to talk to Comcast salesperson once you ’ ve cancelled your service and are no longer a customer .

Lower Your Xfinity Bill With BillSmart

Xfinity is one of the more annoyance cable companies to cancel military service with. They provide identical small detail on how to cancel on their web site and we ’ ve found that they fight the hardest to retain you the most of serve providers .
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