33 thoughts on “Cold Water: Alaskan Seafood Cooking Special | S4E11 | MeatEater


  2. mate youd die if you came too Tasmania too catch an cooking theres no place like it on earth actually 90% of the fish here are only in tassie love ya work tho keep up the good work

  3. Idea- link up with Chef Roi Choi or Chef David Chang for a celebrity cooking co-host episode.
    They're amazing chefs who like Steve uses traditional foods from different cultures and combines or alters the techniques and recipes with amazing results.
    I bet he could help Steve figure out other ways to solve some of the different cooking problems associated with different game meats.
    They're both funny as heck and specialize in creating new recipes and are definitely open to new experiences like hunting, as you can tell from their Netflix cooking shows, "The Chef Show" and "Ugly Delicious". I bet Steve could take them on a hunt based around what type of game they want to experiment with and make 2 episodes out of it! Take care y'all!

  4. A pulley, and a big plastic spool on a cordless drill. Faster to pull trap up

    Good for canoes

  5. I've been surprised a couple times of things you did not know. Cutting deer legs off with a knife at the joint. I was aghast when you cooked those crabs whole. Guts and all. but you learned, tip off the cap to you. Next thing you can learn from someone that does it: Harpooning halibut. I learned many years ago the right place to hit them. Learned this from a guide at an outdoor show. You want too 'poon that butt dead center in the belly. That sounds wrong, and I thought so too. But it's soft there. The harpoon Cannot pull back through the that tough halibut skin. But best of all, that gutshot makes that butt sick as hell, gives you an opportunity to deal with that bugger before he gets feisty again. Best regards, love your show. You do it the right way, the way I have always done it.

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