43 thoughts on “Chế Xe T-REX Với Động Cơ Z1000 – 1043cc

  1. Hi Brothers 🙂 Please dont mistake my comment as anything critisizing or something. I love your channel and I love the work you do specially on this one. I just one small add up. I believe that you have dont a Beautiful job here, but all that work would have turn better if you let your self's be little bet inspiered by other makers of these kind of machines. There are several small factory's which make these on order and they really turn something beautiful. Yours just need a finishing touch and a lower roof I think. But again. I just saw your beautiful job and I just could not stop my self from adding this, because you really are an insiration to the youtube community. Really GOOD LUCK From IRAN….:)

  2. sao bác Thắng không bao giờ làm cái sàn lõm xuống nhỉ Nếu bác làm lõm xuống thì sẽ có nhiều không gian

  3. Biết rằng đó là cả 1 tâm huyết của bạn , nhưng tại sao bạn không thử làm 1 mẫu dạng xe đua F1 sẽ đẹp hơn mẫu hiện tại .

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