How To Return CenturyLink Modem?

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CenturyLink provides reliable services to its customers. It is considered as one of the acme telecommunication services providers in the United States and rightfully so. CenturyLink not alone provides the best services but besides provides optimum customer services. The customer needs to know that they are not merely another customer number to the company, rather of that their needs and requirements are taken care of throughout their travel with the caller .
however, the customers at times decide to end their travel with the caller for respective reasons. CenturyLink provides comfort to such customers as well and allows them easy ways of canceling their services and returning their equipment.

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Get Your CenturyLink Connection Call now : 1-866-987-0357 Let ’ s find out the action of returning your CenturyLink equipment smoothly .

Before You Return The Equipment

Before you are fix to return the equipment, be mindful of the watch :

  • It is important to note that if you cancelled your CenturyLink subscription, you need to return the equipment within 30 days to avoid any extra charges.

  • The equipment must not be damaged from any point.

  • The subscription must be canceled within 30 days if you intend on claiming a full refund.

  • The equipment must only be of CenturyLink.

How to Return CenturyLink Modem?

If you need to return a modem to Century Link, make certain you follow the carry and ship guidelines below to ensure that your cargo is processed by rights and that you do n’t get charged for an unreturned modem .

Returning Labels

once you are done with the cancellation of your services nowadays you will prepare for returning the equipment and transport it back to CenturyLink ’ second office. You will need a embark label for this. You have three options for the returning label :

  • Emailing and Printing the label is your number one option. The label will be delivered to you as a PDF file, which you may print immediately or later. You can also take your email to a UPS Store and have it printed for you.

  • QR Code is a convenient option for the customer if they do not have a printer. You’ll be given a digital code to bring to a UPS Store with your boxed modem. After scanning the code and printing your return label, the store clerk will dispatch the goods.

  • You can have the return label shipped to you from CenturyLink as well. However, it will take 1 or 2 weeks to get delivered to you.

How to Pack and Ship

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully so that you can pack the equipment by rights and ship it promptly to prevent yourself from getting overcharged .

  1. Collect and arrange your CenturyLink modem/router, as well as all of the cords that came with it. Include any CenturyLink wireless accessories you may have received.

  2. Place these items in a hard box with the flaps still attached. To ensure that the equipment stays in place and is sufficiently padded, use cushioning material.

  3. Use strong tape to secure the box.

  4. At the solid line, fold the printed label. Use a clear shipping bag to attach it to one side of the box or clear shipping tape to cover the entire label so that it does not get damaged or cause any trouble in the shipping method.

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While Returning the Equipment

nowadays that you have decided to return the equipment and finalize your cancellation of the subscription, do make sure you have done the following a well .

  • If you’re ever requested to check the state of the gear or certify that you’ve shipped the equipment, you’ll need some kind of proof or record. So make sure you have proof of the return.

  • Package the equipment properly. Use long-lasting materials and snap many images of the boxed box from various angles in case you’re ever asked about it.

  • Keep a track of your shipment. Since exceeding 30 days cost you an overcharged price, so you must know that you have fulfilled your part on time.

Returning the Faulty or Outdated Modem

If you have a modem that has undergo any price, you need to get in touch with the CenturyLink ’ s customer services department and inform them regarding the damage and you can ask for the substitute. You precisely have to make surely that the modem has been provided by CenturyLink itself and that the consequence has been reported within one year of the date of purchase .


CenturyLink has made certain that they have their customer covered at all times. Whether it is during their subscription to the CenturyLink services or it is after the cancellation. They have kept their customers at ease and it surely makes their customer military service stand out.

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