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so here is the final of the king thankfully we get a happy ending😍😍😂hope you guys Like the vedio❤❤ thank you sooooooooo much for watching😜❤😍 #thekingeternalmonarch #leeminho #kimgoeun no rights for the song or drama content but the only edit🙈all rights belong to their respective and rightfull owners❤😍 Nguồn: https://epicentreconcerts.org/Continue Reading

Sharing my first BTS concert experience (Bang Bang Con Live) and unboxing the BTS (VTxBTS L’atelier Perfume) ‘V’ 💜 Join the Chiutie discord – ttps://discord.gg/Np8afuu Intro soundtrack: TOURI$T – Look 4 Me @callmetour Intro visual: @danial_visual_ I hope you enjoy this video guys! Please leave any other suggestions for whatContinue Reading