6 thoughts on “Cập Nhật Tin Nóng covid-19 Hải Dương thêm 2 người nghi nhiễm là f1 nữ nhân viên ngân hàng Tin mới

  1. I am Thai, I condemn Thailand, the most evil in the world, he has no manners, he knows that I was implanted with a microchip nanochip in my brain.There was no one to help me in Thailand, the hospital, the doctors didn't help me, the police didn't help me He cited a reason to bully me. All day, all the time, 10 million people bully me alone. (Thai people are wrong, he cites 100 references to the reasons he is not wrong.) I swear to God I can tell you the truth, please help me.

  2. Toàn tỉnh Hải Dương phải cách ly 21 ngày nữa nhanh còn kịp, không lây nhiễm tùm lum tiếp

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