Call of Duty Warzone Tryhard Mode ( Meta Loadout )

COD Warzone Meta right now is Grau and MP5. Let’s test it out with @Stodeh and @Aculite to see how good it really is! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


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  1. 4 absolutely smashing matches here with the lads! Thank you so much for watching guys, hope you like this 🙂

  2. The last two games were especially good! Well played the last one.

  3. Melee super sprints faster than a pistol but a pistol sprints faster than melee. The pistol is also fast enough that it overtakes the bonus super sprint speed that melee gets after a few seconds.

  4. 2 great hours of entertainment

  5. 1:08:00
    "He beamed me but I didn't have any armor."
    Dude, you never get nor put any armor… 😂

  6. look forward to ignoring westies copy of this video


  8. Like your your game plays. One of few that show whole game screen. Unfortunately I can't play this game on pc due high ping times (600ms) in North of Canada

  9. Love Jack, but he really needs to stop asking for plates from teammates who clearly have significantly less lol. Happened at least 3 or 4 times

  10. Yeah that was definitely a sketchy kill

  11. Should have called it piss duty

  12. @Jackfrags "StodFourEyes"… xD

  13. I win over 80% of my fights in the GULAG since the change, so I don't know why you're losing so much. Maybe you just need to change strategies.

  14. Just had good aim, not hacking

  15. When I saw that 180 I was instantly suspicious. The turn, target acquisition and first shot was instant, and therefore instantly suspect to me at least.

  16. Jack watch youtuber (these knives only). He wins warzone games with melee weapons only

  17. I think that he doesnt have an aimbot because he starter shooting after you did and not when you were close

  18. Why are there trees missing? On your way to train station and that whole forest is missing…

  19. So tired of seeing the same guns over and over

  20. I thought the Grau was too OP for the last months. This weekend I was finally able to unlock it with the free MP and discovered it's not that perfect. I actually performed better with the M13 (the gun I've been using all this time). The Grau doesn't make people win, their skills or recoil scripts do…

  21. Can safely say they didn't do anything to hackers on season 4 if anything its worse, ive run into them dropping nukes in mp 2 game's in less than an hour and warzone is atrocious. Nothing like getting shot out the air and snipped across the map its pretty obvious when you watch kill cam and they just lock right onto you through walls and wipe out the whole team without missing

  22. I don't understand why you didn't watch the kill cam when he 180'd you

  23. So from the intro these guys are basically the technoblades of cod?

  24. 57:23 Stone and Tomo were in the same match!

  25. The us army is taking fighting and tactics notes from you

  26. Wow. Excellent video. Great job.

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