Call of Duty Modern Warfare RAP by JT Music

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  1. Bravo six: we r going dark

  2. Me and my friends playin laser tag:

  3. this makes me want to play cod

  4. How Quickly they Forget
    That all it takes to change to change the course of history


  5. Now we need A call of duty mobile rap.

    No? Just me? K.

  6. 3 y/o me hiding under the table in hide and seek: Bravo six going dark

  7. Girls airsoft get shot nooo boys playing airsoft this entire song

  8. You should do call of duty black ops cold war rap

  9. "Another day at the office"

  10. 10000 Juggernaut vs demon slayer

  11. with this song and this comment section im felling like a soiler.

  12. Best way to show a boys vs girls airsoft match boys tacticalise girls just hip fire

  13. reply this comment with the music lyric of this i wanna lyric prank my friends

  14. Your not a hero you gotta get the job done

  15. Stay frosty don’t let ya thoughts run

  16. Task force 141
    Captain price, Ghost,shop,Alex,Farrah and nicollie as the baddass sholdier in mordernwarefare in ever seen

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