Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Pit Boss Trophy / Achievement Guide Video in HD

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  1. only 7 years later i finally got myself that sweet sweet MW2 Plat !

  2. i finally did it!!!! after 7 years

  3. I do it under 30 seconds but dont get the trophy wtf

  4. FUCK…. THE…. PIT!


  5. Use two pistols! Hit all targets! Its guaranteed

  6. Fucking hard man really

  7. wow i got it in my first try =D

  8. Great video, was really struggling to do this but used your route and got a 29.2 second run. Thanks.

  9. now to get it you should finish it under 30 sec 😀

  10. shure you did it in the campain and not in spec-ops? 🙂

  11. Lol I Got 32.7 And Got The Achivment

  12. I got 32 seconds behind on the run, but got a minus 4 second bonus for aiming well. You get higher aiming bonus for using one bullet against two enemies.

  13. Correction 30.3!!!! OMFG!!!! really?~?~?

  14. I just tried over 20 times today with g18 and m9 but i always fall short at 33 or 40 seconds at best.

    This is way harder than it looks, i freguently use tactics such as spraying gun at 2 enemies in 1 shot to shave some seconds off but it always becomes impossible on the home stretch.

  15. i have to do it under 30 seconds, i even got 33:05 but
    can someone help me

  16. I used the MP5 and G18 and sucseeded without the accuracy bonus

  17. Nextgentactics is the best. Only walkthrough I use

  18. I killed dis shyt

  19. that trophy is very very hard >>>> but i got it ^_^

  20. Chuck Norris does all this with his beard even before he buys the game.

  21. I found it easier to take the MP5 with the pistol, i got 29.5 seconds on my first try with it and 25 overall with the bonuses!

  22. 29.45 after like 50 triess damn ma handss r like shakinggg lmao

  23. @WHYxS0xSERIOUS also his final time was 29.45 so HAHAHAHAHAHaHA

  24. @WHYxS0xSERIOUS sorry didnt know you were amazing

  25. i got 26.4 seconds with the with ACR and the pistel with the knife

  26. i got the trophy thanks mine final time was 27.3 sec

  27. @boobeis93 sparing terrorists / bad accuracy / killing civilians adds to your final time.

  28. @xxcorey23xx because if u have 100% acuracy they discount 4 seconds

  29. lol I did it in 33 seconds and got it. This game is such a fail.

  30. @theringfilm1 i did it in 29.99 but still didnt get the trophy

  31. @theringfilm1 did u get the trophy/acheivment??

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