Call of Duty®: Mobile S13 Snowboarding in Battle Royale

Hit the slopes of Battle Royale this season! The Ski Town portion of the map has been enhanced and there is also a brand new vehicle to try – the Snowboard! You can find this vehicle in that area and thanks to its rocket fueled design you can use it to do some flashy tricks on top being able to ride around any area of the map (not just the snow).

Season 13: Winter War is here! Download now, and play for free –

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  1. I want 220 cp plz give me

  2. Better make a snowboard race…

  3. Quiero hacer una colaboración con ustedes!!✨

    PD: lo hago gratis!!! :,)

  4. can u give them a speed buff? they’re fun but they go so slow i’d rather drive a car, it’s just really unbalanced especially since ur so exposed going so slow

  5. Why is it that, when I jump, it stops…

  6. I’m so hurt with call of duty mobile!!!! Don’t fix our game and I just bought 112 crevasse crates to get this Krueger character and I get everything in the crate except him!!!🤦🏻‍♂️Hit every single milestone in amounts of crates pulled and yet I still can’t get him!! Bs and just not fair!!!

  7. Request can you guy make a ski race for battle royal that would be fun

  8. Bring jak 12 explosive shotgun to cod mobile

  9. That skin is Whendigo from modern warfare he might be in the next bp

  10. Snowboard vs , bike, who will win?

  11. Cod plz add zombies back a lot of us wants it and my bros also wants it back its a beuty

  12. let me record with cinimachine from all those fancy angles I do way more stunts with snowboard also you guys didn't show its outstanding performance for collecting dog tags?

  13. Thank you call of duty for snowboard and battlle pass. it s cool

  14. When my teammates saw a snow board I'm always protecting them because they only use snowboard and not killing enemies

  15. I got this 6 days late, who else?

  16. Where can I get it?


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