BUMBLE Will Ban Men Who Don't Like A Few Extra Pounds

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  1. yet women can demand no men under 666

  2. Clearly these dating apps are dominantly run by women

  3. Time for bumble to ban women who don't like men with a few less inches then……

  4. "Plenty of whale's" LOL!!! 😅

  5. The best dating advice for men in 2021?
    I'll tell you! DELETE all Dating apps.
    DATING APPS ARE FOR WOMEN NOT MEN. Are you a man or a woman? DELETE em period

  6. Only Simps will remain on Bumble

  7. Fact: as soon as I remove my height (5’7) from my profile I get so many more match’s.

  8. Is this a good stock investment?

  9. Ps: you can lose weight but you can not get taller

  10. Yes! When I was single on there I got asked how tall I was 90% and since I was under 6ft I got unmatched straight away. No hi or hello just how tall are you. I’m writing this and you just bring it up. Yeah I 10000% agree with you

  11. They can list their unrealistic expectations ☝🏼but a guy require a fit woman and 🤨 hypocritical and ridiculous🥱
    Byebye bumble 🥾🧚🏼

  12. So they are playing identity politics onto people who refuse to date overweight women. And these same fat women refuse to date fat men.

  13. Just pay for it fellas. Less headache and you keep your sanity.

  14. So Bumble is cancelling their customer base lol. Most men are the one who will pay for dating apps.

  15. I'm gonna get on Bumble and report every woman who asks my height.

  16. "plenty of whales"… Jeez your catchphrases are not only spot on they always make me laugh. You the man Coach, keep up the necessary work!

  17. Bumble wont last long just wait

  18. So fat chicks wit good jobs want guys like me.Aye if I can work 2 jobs and find time 2 work out u wit your desk job should have time to hit the gym also.

  19. I tried bumble for about 5 months. Only girls I got messages from were either super overweight or had 2-3 kids. Everyone shit talks tinder but thats where everyone ends up going

  20. Bumble honestly sucks anyways. Girls hate making the first move. I’d rather ask a girl out in person more than anything, but if I use apps I definitely don’t use ones where girls have to make the first move, cause they don’t know how to do it.

  21. So when are they gonna ban the women that body shame me for being skinny? I'm 5' 7" and 130lbs. Sounds fine right? I'm a walking stick figure bro.

  22. You can’t control your height but you can control your weight. So, why is it alright to criticize Gods creation? Criticizing a man height is not God shaming?

  23. The first thing they will get “shorted on the stock market“ when they get there……would be ironic.

  24. But it wont work the other way around will it? I.e. Bumble wont ban women from blocking fat men?

  25. Women are trying their best to push men outside the dating marker but simps aren't willing to leave them alone

  26. So this app contradicts human nature.. And promotes terrible relationships guaranteeing conflict.. Since men simply cant attract to what isn't attractive originally..

  27. 7:30 –7:35 oh my god I can’t stop laughing 😂 😂😂😂”surprise here’s a Bologna pony for ya”

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