Blue Zones are NOT Vegan Zones

This video highlights discrepancies in the advice promoted and found in the blue zones.

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  1. To the 82/123 who disliked this video, and to whoever will come bravely swinging the usual trendy and bullshit vegan flag over the head:
    I come from exactly one of those blue zones and veganism done with the "intention" of living one of the most ridiculous things we ever heard of. We eat meat and cheese almost everyday and look at how long we end up living.
    The thing you should care about is not whether you eat meat or not, but of where your food comes from. Regardless of vegetables or meat, if you want to know what you are eating you need to know who is the producer and how he produced it, or even better make it yourself. Buy your chickens, pigs and ducks and start a small farm. Buy the seeds and start planting your tomatoes, potatoes and whatever you like.

  2. In Sardinia they love eating sheep cheese with maggots, seafood, meat, butter and eggs. No vegans in sight.

  3. I know this video is about the vegan topic, but it seemed like you were saying the fish and meat guidelines were contradictory, and maybe it's changed since 2017, but currently the blue zone website very clearly separates fish and meat has two distinct categories.

  4. LOL ,well not 100% vegan is teue BUT my great grandmother and grandmother lived well over 80 and many reached 90 with meat in the diet and milk etc but VERY LITTLE of it …like smoking ,if you smoke one cigarette a fay it won t kill you

  5. This blue zone shit is just a tactic to sell a fucking vegan diet. The vegan diet is trending so here is another fucking way to push it. This fucking diet discriminates people with gastrointestinal diseases and conditions. Ur telling me i have to eat cruciferous vegetables and a 1/2 to 1 cup of beans per day? Have we forgotten that these foods contain high amounts of sulfur and FODMAPs? What idiot created this diet? I beg to differ whether these old people ALL follow a plant based diet. Longevity my ass.

  6. No one claimed that blue zones are vegans, except maybe Loma Linda. However, their diet all is based around fruits and vegetables with little meat and the meat that they eat is mostly fish. As long you eat more fruits and vegetables and limit your consumption of meat that's fine.

  7. So could a plant based diet include meat? It’s based around plants but, is it strictly vegan. I never understood that part.

  8. I think the only secret is to stay away from industrially produced food. And also to breathe a lot of the salty air of the sea.

  9. No one claims that any of the Blue Zones are vegan. The point is that they all eat little or no meat. In fact, one of them is largely vegetarian and includes vegans. The Seventh Day Adventists of Loma Linda California teach their members to not eat meat as part of their religion. Among the SDA's. the healthiest are the vegans. They are the only ones with a BMI in the recommended range, for example. The Adventist 2 Study is my source. Here is the link-

  10. Low stress makes you live till 100

  11. I'm not vegan for my health, I am vegan for the animals and the environment but since people are trying to come for me saying that my diet is unhealthy and lacking protein I will point them to the proof that it is not. I'm hearing of the blue zones for the first time though

  12. My best frend is from the island of IKARIA GREECE which is one of the bleu zones and he told me about the 4 month (in the summer) meat fest that they have on the island. So there is no way this bleu zone place is vegan !!!

  13. Vegetables are bad. They all have Antinutrients that bind to your gut. It’s plant defense.

  14. Dan Buettner does acknowledge that they eat meat in Blue Zones, but he says the percentage of plant-based foods is around 95%. Given that the average vegan cheats around once a week (four times a month), they're basically following the same percentage. Long story short, you should aim to be vegan, but be gentle on yourself.

  15. Suggestion> Start thinking of food in a different way. Primary sources of nutrients and secondary sources nutrients. Plants are primary when they are whole and animals are secondary just like processed food. You choose.

  16. Veganism fundamental concern is animal rights and compassion towards sentient beings. Everything is else is just a vegan diet or a vegan lifestyle.

  17. All animals eat meat,I'm sure theirs some that don't but even some plants like meat,even animals like deer,or horses have been seen to eat rodents and stuff,but when u cut all meats out u lose weight and slowly die,but if u supplement processed shit then ur mind is on its own thing lol,ur always starving,weight falls off,u lose oxygen,your nerves twitch,but to grow hungrier and to have to eat even more then before,that ain't right,ur sex drive goes,that ain't right,u lose weight like shit,that ain't right,and it's such a boring way to eat,it's all water,u gotta go out your way to make food interesting,how dead is that,u become obsessed with health although some do it for the animals and others for health reasons,the truth is we all eat one another on this earth and we die,u ain't gonna live here forever but u will move on up to heaven,we all want optimal health,but to look at another study is just unconvincing now,so I looked at reality,I looked at my gran and said fuck it,she's 80 and still going,eaten whatever she likes,yh she suffers with certain pains here and there most probably due to the medications shes been taking for many yrs and the fact she has only ever really stayed in the house and not been as active as one harvesting their own survival which makes the body mind and soul so much stronger,environment and lifestyle play a big part,my nan came from East London with a very troubled lifestyle,alot of fights with her six kids who grew up violent,not with her but just others and the law and drama at the door,and with all this negativity and standard Greek meat eating diet with all the sweets to go along with it,she is 80 and going still,so it can't be veganism,all that fish for what,for us,everything here eats everything else but we eat just plants,na,I tried the vegan diet with no supplements,and I was dying,it's for cleaning ones body,like a internal wash,plus fruits and veg keep the body cold,that's why they grow in the summer months,imagine a diet that keeps u cold as I was on this diet through winter,na mate,studies are the very things I no longer trust,I trust gods word,read your good book.

  18. Some of the people in the blue zones are vegan, some are not. Why try to tear down the vegans when they're just as healthy as the one who are not? Get over it.

  19. 3oz of fish, pre cooked, is about one big fork full when cooked.

  20. The biggest secret is eating less. Laboratory mice that are fed fewer calories live up to 30% longer. Why would that not work for us as well. The media has fucked with our heads making us think we need bigger muscles and "eat more"

  21. I lived in Okinawa from 1977-1981. The okinawans do eat lots of fresh veggies and love their bitter gourd but they also ate tons of saturated fat. They ate lots of pork, they ate a ton of eggs, and they love their fatty tunas sushi. I even remember the great grandma of my business partner used LARD to stir fry their veggies and fry the eggs haha.

    However I have noticed that they are not huge sugar eaters. At least back then things like cake and sweets were a rare treat. Yes they induge once in a while but and not part of their regular diet. Perhaps their low consumption of sugar is an important factor.

  22. No one has ever said the blue zones are vegan but the plant based doctor's say don't drink don't smoke keep your stress down and exercise eat WPBD
    this 4000 strong village in Israel

  23. We also know that although all of these zones are not vegan, all of these zones tend to gravitate towards plant-based meals and diets. We also know that the commonalities between these zones all have to do with whole plant foods such as sweet potatoes, greens, beans, tumeric, olive oil, fruits, oats, and nuts. It is no surprise that the consumption of red meat in places like Okinawa and Icaria, is very minimal, and consists of only eating red meat four to five times a month, but report some of the highest life expectancies in the world, as opposed to the US, where we observe considerably higher rates of red meat consumption and higher rates of heart disease and circulatory related cancers. Even the American Cancer Society and several other reputable institutions elaborated on these figures further. So no, the diets aren't vegan, but, they are predominantly plant-based, opt for healthier protein options like fish and beans, and eat red meat very minimally.

  24. The Vegan AGENDA…..another Elitist group

  25. How dare you reveal the truth about these centenaries? We vegans will continue to deny this nonsense regardless of what you ppl come up with as long as we have people such as Dr Greger standing up behind the (fake) truth.

  26. Please don’t confuse modern day Okinawa diet with the old one when they really had health and longevity

  27. Beautiful COSTA RICA

  28. blue zones eat a lots of fish and eggs in thier daily diet..certainly they're not vegans..

  29. I've looked at Okinawa and Sardina. They both base their diets around meat and seafood. The vegans are lying through their teeth.

  30. Eat small amount of meat product and processed food is the key. Thanks for the information

  31. Longevity is a culture and a lifestyle, NOT a specific diet. They all live in low stress, physically active environments with powerful community ties, cultural identity, and traditions. Everyone is trying to distill it down to a specific diet because thats easier than confronting the ACTUAL problem, that our (as in Western, specifically the U.S. in my case) very culture and lifestyle itself is toxic.

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