Blue Zone UK – Jackie


  1. Can this pleeeeeease be added on to Spotify!

  2. I guess you could say this song is "CATCH, CATCH, CATCHY".

  3. This song is so addictive. Pure pop crack!!!!

  4. What is Jackie meant to be short for, Jackson?

  5. Lisa version is best

  6. The guitarist is her husband Ian

  7. Just dropped by in 2019 to enjoy the vid and the tune. Great song and great memories.

  8. Look up jackie by bz-ft joanne:) tizz a good cover

  9. Why is Depeche Mode's Strangelove in this…?

  10. One of the best 4-ever.

  11. I can't believe the transition this version makes when you hear the extended mix.

  12. Such a shame Lisa distanced herself from this as far as possible once she had solo success

  13. Jacquline(Jacqui) i had to watch this as 17 years ago on this day you were ripped away from me by your mother who was mentally ill but our best present our son just finished his HSC and wants to be in the Navy or army and your father and i show pictures of you all the time. Still remember this song when we first met at 13 and you screaming omg i'm jacqui
    Best night of my life

  14. I remember hearing this song in the early 90's loved the sound of it. I had to go out and buy CD the next day. Although I don't like Lisa Stansfield she is great with Blue Zone and should've stayed with them

  15. Those 2 dancers in the background!!! Ha!

  16. my favourite too . great to see it uploaded here .thnx 🙂

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