Cute DIY Birthday Card Ideas That Are Fun and Easy to Make

Buying your friends and family funny, thoughtful, or sentimental birthday cards is always a courteous gesticulate. If you ’ re an avid DIY enthusiast like us, however, then you know that it ’ sulfur sometimes more meaningful for both people if what you give person for their birthday is something that you made yourself .
Homemade birthday cards are not that hard to make, but they’ll definitely show how much you care.
Birthday card ideas to make yourself

Birthday Card Ideas to Make Yourself

Check out these 25 adorable DIY birthday card ideas and designs for people of all ages. We hope you feel inspired to try recreating one or invent one of your own !

1. Kissing buttons: homemade birthday cards

Kissing buttons cards
Adding a morsel of a 3D element to a batting order is constantly playfulness, and it ’ s wholly visually appealing excessively. We love the way the buttons contrast with the thin, simple lines of the pin drawing in this snog love note card by Paolo Jacopo Medda !

2. Hiding bear homemade card

Do you love bangle cards that open and unfold ? then you might like this adorable cartoon hold who ’ s intelligibly prepared for a surprise party ! Check out how he ’ s made on Shouldn ’ metric ton You be Studying .

3. Paper doily cupcake card

Paper doily cupcake card
If you ’ ve always browsed our site before, you credibly already know how much we love DIY projects that upcycle or use improper materials. That ’ second why we like this cunning short cupcake card made with a newspaper doily so much ! Find out how it ’ s made from Kitchen Table Stamper .

4. Birthday candle card

Birthday candle card
Terao Design guides you through the work of making a very childlike yet completely adorable birthday candle design. You could use this one as a birthday card for a friend or as an invite to your own party !

5. String balloon card

String balloon card
Designing a card that ’ sulfur cunning on the outdoor is decidedly a good idea, but we besides like cards that are cute on the inside excessively ! The Thrifty Ginger suggests cutting out paper balloons and standard flags and then using pieces of color string to actually make a little pop up party setting when the circuit board opens .

6. Sharpie whale card

Sharpie whale card
When it comes to customizing things with bold colours, Shaprie markers are an amazing tool. You could technically use this theme to make any image you like, but in font you ’ re having trouble think of what to do, check out this adorable birthday giant design from Img Kid !

7. Paper cutout age card

Paper cutout age card
sometimes upcycling can be moth-eaten chic in a way that ’ s amazingly beautiful. That ’ s how we feel about this cunning age cutout birthday batting order from Sally Etc. ! You could use any character of bit or reclaimed composition you can find that you enjoy the form, color, or texture of .

8. Washi tape candle card

Washi tape candle card
If you love bright colours and patterns but you ’ ra not very confident in your withdraw and paint skills good even, then try using washi videotape to make pictures with nice heterosexual lines and clean edges ! It comes in so many patterns and discolor combinations that we doubt you ’ ll have trouble making a fun birthday candle design like this one by Omiyage .

9. Washi tape tiered cake

Sony dsc
Do you love the estimate of making a birthday tease with washi record but the birthday candle purpose is a little excessively simpleton to you ? Try making a tiered cake design like this one from Omiyage rather ! It ’ s about as comfortable, but it ’ second always nice to have options when it comes to making courteous things .

10. Crimped paper card

Sony dsc
Are you the kind of person who precisely can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get enough of cards with raised elements and textures ? then you ’ ll probably love this crimped banner poster idea from Tuningpp ! It ’ second easier than you ’ vitamin d think to create an ombre raised paper consequence, but the final examination merchandise is big .

11. Washi tape and string birthday banner card

Washi tape and string birthday banner card
Are you distillery into the theme of using washi tape but you ’ five hundred rather have a 3D style card than one where the videotape sticks flat to make a video ? Decorator ’ mho notebook shows you how to combine the two techniques to make an adorable happy Birthday banner tease with a moment of chain !

12. Cupcake wrapper card

Cupcake wrapper card
Birthday cupcakes are always an adorable front, but nothing makes a cute cupcake wrapping than an actual cupcake wrapped. Check out how Blog Lovin ’ made this tease design by layering pieces of a rainbow wrap to look like a doubly wrap 3D cupcake.

13. Unfolding circles card

Unfolding circles card
If your ally or family member loves nothing more than getting giving cards for their birthday, then making an blossom birthday card like this doubles as your gift envelop ! We love that this design by DIY Crafts Mom is made from four separate circles strategically overlapped and folded .

14. Pop-out birthday banner and balloon card

Pop out birthday banner and balloon card
If you liked the previous birthday streamer and balloon popular out card that we listed but your taste is a short more exorbitant than what you saw there, check out this variation of a similar idea from Random Creative. There ’ s no such thing as excessively many balloons, right ?

15. 3D gifts card

3d gifts card
Pop out birthday cards don ’ t have to include a pile of balloons. Switch things up by making cuts in the spine of the menu, popping them inside out, and decorating the resulting raised strips like birthday gifts ! popular DIY Crafts guides you through the process footfall by pace .

16. Paper scroll

Paper scroll
While regular birthday cards are amazing, making your own newspaper scroll and writing out your thoughts and wishes to the one you ’ re lionize, will make things that much more interest and personal. We found this great idea on the Paper & Stich web log .

17. Pressed flowers

If you have any press flowers at home plate, then it may be a big estimate to use them to make some in truth beautiful birthday cards for your sleep together ones. Of run, you can besides plan ahead and set flowers for pressing, specially as it takes a while to get them done. Check out the tutorial for this on BLDG/25 .

18. Marbling paper

Marbling paper
With merely a spot of shaving cream and food discolor you can make some pretty composition that you won ’ triiodothyronine find to purchase. It can serve as a beautiful base for your birthday card ! Check out the tutorial on HonestlyWTF .

19. Rainbow cake

Rainbow birthday cake card
Rainbow cakes are absolutely fabulous, but birthday cards featuring said rainbow cakes are pretty cool excessively. With just a spot of glitter paper and resource, you can make one of these yourself. Check out the tutorial for it by I ’ m In Heaven .

20. Watercolor Balloons

Watercolor balloons
If you think the birthday cards we saw therefore far are adorable, wait until you see this one ! All you have to do is paint some ballons and make use of a bite of wax. Yes, wax ! Get all the instructions from Lime Doodle Design .

21. Kitty

Kitty yarn
Another adorable design is this one – a kitten and a musket ball of yarn. Of course, this one is best suited for folks who love cats, but we ’ rhenium certain at least person in your syndicate or friend group falls into this category so you can make this one for them ! Get the details from Makezine .

22. Harry Potter birthday card

Harry potter
If the birthday person is a massive Harry Potter fan, then possibly a theme birthday card will work best. After all, all Potterheads love anything to do with the fib. indeed, if you ’ ll follow the instructions laid down by Country Scrap, you ’ ll pull off just finely. It ’ mho merely then lovely !

23. Balloon and Needle

Balloon and needle
A playfulness birthday wag idea that even kids can make features two things – a ballon and a phonograph needle. As you can see, you beginning have to inflate the balloon and then to pop it with the acerate leaf that came with the menu. Get all the details from Buckets and Spades .

24. Hama beads birthday card

Hama beads
Do you have any hama beads around you home ? If you do, you can create a pretty bloom with them, iron them out and then glue them to the batting order. In this way, you ’ ll end up with a beautiful and original birthday batting order to hand out. Plus, kids can join in on the playfulness, excessively ! Get the instructions from Red Ted Art.

25. Constellation birthday card

One of the cutest ideas we ’ ve seen is to make a configuration birthday card. Of class, you ’ ll necessitate to do a spot of research so you know if they have favorites or what zodiac sign they ’ ra under, but you ’ ll do. Check out the tutorial from Love Crafts .

More Cute Birthday Cards

Have you found other projects that would look singular and fun to make ? Or have you tried the ones we ’ re project here ? We ’ five hundred love to hear from you — leave us a message in the comments below .

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