42 thoughts on “BILLIE EILISH VS BHAD BHABIE: Why Friends Ghost You | Shallon Lester

  1. You’re feeding us so good lately girl. I would like to know your opinion on Ariana Grande‘s new BF he’s a real estate agent so it looks like it’s probably gonna work out better this time. What do you think?

  2. My best friend of a decade has ghosted me suddenly for a few months and idk why but this vid was eye opening. I’m going to try to reach out to her once more tho. But if she is not into it then I’m done

  3. I ghosted my high school bestie after she was secretly throwing shade on me on social media When I gave her the silent treatment, her mask finally fell off. She was always jealous of my success & popularity. Good riddance. I'm glad she's no longer a part of my life.

  4. Girl that thing you said about the friends you've had the longest allow sporadic periods of ghosting 👏 👏 👏 so profound and true. Youre so perceptive and your analysis of people is always so on point. Not to mention you crack me up while you do it

  5. I ghosted a girl and you described it perfectly! She gave NO fucks about me or my life. I had a miscarriage and when I told her I felt depressed she was like “why?”. She only talked about money and popularity and bullshit meanwhile she was in a TON of debt keeping up w that image. After I ghosted she stalked me at my job and then spread tons of rumours about me to mutual acquaintances.

  6. I was ghosted by a whole group of girlfriends after 10 plus years (the only group of girlfriends I’ve ever had – never trusted females up until then 19yo). We went through births, deaths and a tonne of marriages (all theirs) and I still to this day have no idea why they all ghosted me. I was going through a lot of depression and anxiety and instead of supporting me at all, they all walked away. Still the most painful experience ever, especially when one was my best friend who then dated my ex for 2 years (which I forgave her once she was no longer dating him) and another one of them I made the Godmother to my son. Still no closure on any of it. So this just confused me more than helped. Because I absolutely adore you and all of your videos Shallon xo

  7. Can you speak about people who Ghost because their friend is toxic I had to Ghost one of my friends because she was a user and toxic. But I am a friendly person.

  8. I love what you just said about fair weather friends in this video. I experienced the exact same thing after my divorce and then on my rise again they're all like "Hi again". Thank you for your sledge hammer honesty! Love your advice.

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  10. Hey Sallon, it’s videos like these that keep me coming back for more. The truth hurts but you paint it in such a way that’s constructive, thanks queen ✨👏😘

  11. Hai Shallon
    Hahaha Waaawww hebat keren banget yaa..
    Lu kayak ga ada dosa


  12. I was ghosted by a sociopathic friend, I am aware of how dramatic that sounds, but everything was a competition and she has a thing for cutting ppl off as soon as they don’t benefit her.

  13. Billie has admitted many times that she never texts anyone back she feels overwhelmed by all the text messages she gets so she just never texts people and she said she knows that makes her an asshole. she owns it

  14. Well, I ghosted a dear “friend” who had hurt me several times but I let it slide and continued the “friendship” until the last time she hurt me which made me realize that I had to let her go for good. I don’t block or delete anyone from social media and recently I realized that she deleted me which is ok. It feels good not to deal with all the drama I was putting up with.

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